Summer Evening Rides

Evening rides During the month of July I have been riding my bike on Saturday and Sunday evenings. After a day of working on my house and performing various yard and renovation projects I take time to ride my Trek Pure through the neighborhood streets of the city that I love.  Riding my bike is always a transcendental experience for me and I enjoy the peace of mind that comes from rhythmically moving my body on a bike through quite neighborhood streets.

This past weekend the weather made for some cooler rides than earlier in the month.  Rain showers were a pleasant treat on Saturday's ride.  Riding in the summer rain is one of the simple pleasures that I enjoy this time of year.  Not many cyclist that I know in Albany look forward to getting wet on their bikes.  When was the last time you intentionally rode a bike through a deep puddle of water on purpose?

Go with the flow, it's just a game Planning my route in advance never occurs to me when I get on my bike on these weekend…

Sunday Summer Night Ryder

Sunday nights are a lot of fun for me.  In the summer I love to ride my bike around in the dark.  The sound of cicadas, crickets and frogs fills the night with a symphony of sound as I listen to my bicycle cassette keeping tempo.

Meandering through Albany neighborhoods and winding into downtown is one of my favorite things to do on my bike.  The peace and solitude of being on a bike and not caring where I end up is very relaxing.  Sometimes I stop and talk to friends that I see and wave to folks as I pass by while they are sitting on their porches.

I almost got some rain as I rode.  The sky were really dark and there was lightning all around, but no thunder. I love riding in the ran especially in the early evening.

Short Sweet Trail Ride

I wanted to continue my consecutive days of riding my bike. I decided to ride down a bar ditch trail near my house. My goal is to ride everyday at least two miles. I am slowly getting my confidence on mountain bike. I saw three small deer in the woods area near this bar ditch road that I was riding.

Sunday All Terrain Commute

No rest for web developers when a new site has to be complete by a deadline date.  This is my seventh day in a row working long hours. I decided to forgo driving my truck to work like I did for the past two non-scheduled work days.  My commuter is in the local bike shop for repairs, so I decided to ride Black Thumper to work.  One thing I have learned through bike commuting, if you ride your bike to work you will always have time to ride your bike.  Riding my bike also is a de-stressing activity. I took some dirt alleys and was chased by some dogs that got out of their yards.  Nothing like the thrill of racing to get away from rabies shots on a commute.  The rear trunk rides perfect on this bike.  I put my tennis shoes in it along with my trusty Thermos full of Bullet Proof Coffee.

Sunday Evening Ride to Leary, GA

With the weekend coming to a close I decided to take a evening ride out to Leary.  I have not been on this route for some time.  I use to bike commute this route a few times each month. HWY 55 is such a joy to ride as it has low traffic and lots of things to enjoy.  As I ride on HWY 55 I pass small ranches, farms with horses, pecan groves and fields of cotton and corn.

Town And Country Evening Ride

Last night for my evening ride I decided to do my old bike commute to the Albany State Radium Springs campus. I rode this route for several years when I worked there. Now I work on the Albany State Gillonville campus, The Albany State Radium Springs campus commute route that I love is 25 miles. The Albany State Radium Springs campus direct commute is about 8 miles. The Albany State Gillonville campus direct commute is 4.68 miles.

I love this 25 mile commute because it takes me out on country roads and then brings me into the inner city and downtown.  Last night I rode this route and then after leaving the campus I then rode north and looped into the country roads in Lee county  My love for riding my bike on warm summer nights is a passion that I found once I had a lighting system on my bike that allows me to see and be seen on dark country roads.

This is the longest ride that I have done this year.  If I had to grade my titanium hip based on my cycling performance I would say th…

Urban Assault Cyclist

Today I did a morning ride that was a reflection of my artistic side.  The university where I work has imposed a four day work week for two months this summer, so I have Fridays off for a while.  I decided to get up at my normal time and ride my bike, then work on the master bathroom after my ride.  I rode my Torrent 7.2 mountain bike and I am going to reflect on how it differs from my Trek Pure cruiser bike.

One of the things that I know about myself is that I am an artist.  The artist in me always likes to have different tools for creating.  Take for example my color pencil drawings, I like having more than one color in my drawings.  When I paint, I like having more than one brush to paint with.  Sometimes I will use an airbrush when I paint. The Urban Assault Cyclist needs more than one bicycle to ride the surrounding terrain.  For the past three months I have been riding my Trek Pure to and from work and around the neighborhood on weekends.  My Seven Cycles 622 SLX road bike is g…