Tuesday, July 26, 2016

First Ride on the Black Thumper

Today after I got home from my trip to Atlanta I rode my Norco Torrent 7.2 for the first time off road.

I rode around on the bar ditches in my neighborhood.  I have ridden these paths before on my Green Thumper, the Jekyll, but this time it was a lot easier on the 27.5 inch tires.
Lonnie Wormley on private gated community lakefront.  I access this lake on bar ditch right of ways.

The Black Thumper
I changed out the stock pedales and added my Speed Play Frogs.  These pedals and my Nike Nuba shoes have been on  five of my mountain and road bikes since about 1989

I won my dream mountain bike in a raffel

I have been dreaming of getting a mountain bike made in this decade for some time.  My Cannondale Jekyll that I bought used from the first owner way back in the mid 1990s really showed it's age when I went to the IMBA Southeast Mountain Bike Summit in Brayson City North Carolina.  I got to see first hand how MTB technology had changed.  I intentionally have kept my eyes off of new MTB technology because I know if I see it I will want it.

Well last week I got a call from Terry Palmeri, the Southeast Associate Regional Director of IMBA, and she told me that I had won the drawing for a Norco Torrent 7.2 bike, courtesy of Cartecay River Bicycle Shop and Norco Bicycles.  Frankly I had never heard of this company or bike, but I was excited to get a new MTB.  Once I checked out the bike online I thought that there must be some sort of mistake that I had won a bike that I had been dreaming of.

This bike is a bike that can do bike packing.  The tires are 2.9 inches wide and run on 15-35 PSI.  One of the features that is broken on my old Jekyll is the shock lockout.  Having a manual shock lockout on a bike that is easy to use is wonderful, this bike has one.

I am sure to have many happy trail rides on this bike in the future.  I am also finally really excited to attend the IMBA World summit this November in Bentonville AK with a bike that I can really test the trails with.

Sunday, June 26, 2016


I have been using gosoap for a few months now and I really like it. Gosoap gets all of that biological smell out of my cycling gear a lot better than just regular soap.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Boys an Girls Club Bicycle Ride

Today I got to ride with the Boys and Girls club of Albany Georgia. We rode around downtown through Albany State and came back on Riverfront Trail. It was a fun ride.

Here is the route.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Maiden Voyage on Trek Pure Cruiser

I rode my new Trek Pure around my neighborhood last night.  I just got home after a dinner with friends and the wife and I got on our bikes in street clothes and rode around.  It was fun to not have to spend twenty minutes getting my gear on to do a short ride.
I am surprised that Trek has phased this bike out. I could only find reference to the Pure Lowstep on their bike archive website.  I did find a review of it here on the Bootic website.

My cruiser bike with my Garmin upgrade

Saddle is really comfortable for the upright position.  The crank is way in front of seat post so this seat is perfect for those long slow rides.

This bike is begging for me to ride it in the rain.  I plan on using this bike for those short commutes to work this winter when I want to keep my Seven Cycles clean and dry. Finally I have a bike with fenders.  I will get the bike trailer hooked up on this bike for the next Flint River Roll on July 1, 2016.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

His and Hers Cruiser Bicycles

My wife Sylvia found the perfect bikes for slow social rides yesterday at Cycle World. The previous owner of the bike had to stop riding due to health issues per her doctor's orders. We purchased both bikes for $600.

I have not had a bike with a kickstand since I was 7 years old back in 1960. I have not had a bike with fenders since the mid-1990s. I now have a nice bike commuter bicycle for those short rides to work.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Breakfast Ride June 2016

This is a short video of the breakfast bread that we did on June 18th 2016. The ride started off with a light sprinkle so my camera which is mounted on the rear of my bike got raindrops on it. I did get some images of the participants in the ride.