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My new Garmin Edge 810

Garmin 810 is working. I went almost a year since my Garmin 305 died last July. Tried several Android applications for tracking my distance but reached the conclusion that a dedicated device was best. I want to use my phone for emergence calls on long rides. I also wanted to read the display at night or in bright sunlight and my phone display was not ideal for those conditions. I like the fact that I can see all data even the time without putting on my glasses.

I loaded some free maps from the free Garmin map web site. Today I rode on the Leary Loop course that I downloaded to the Edge so I could test the turn by turn feature.  I like it a lot.  whenever I come to a turn the Edge chips a few times and the screen displays 500 feet before the turn and counts down to zero for the turn.  the display shows the map of where you are and which way to turn.  I now feel that I can ride a route that I am not familiar with and not get lost or waste time looking at my phone to figure out where I am…

Always be trainin'

This blog post is dedicated to my son +Zak Wormley .  I want him to know how much I appreciate his hard work at being the best that he can be. I also want to give some hints to all of the fathers who are playing with their kids and have them consider playing their best so that their kids can be the best. When Zak was about tall enough to where his head was at my waist I purchased a Little Tikes basket ball hoop. I put this out in the cul-de-sac in front of our house in Portland Oregon. He had expressed a desire to learn how to play basketball.  I may have had an influence on his choice of sports as I played basketball in high school and occasionally played pick up games when ever I could.  Space Jam was his favorite movie and we watched NBA games when ever we could. I made a conscious decision that I would always challenge Zak when we played basketball.

One of the things that I did was to play center and stand in front of the basket and block his shot.  Sometimes I would do this over …

New tires at 4200 miles for the year

I put new tires on my bike.  This set replaces the set that I put on in January 2013. I have about 4,200 miles on the old tires. I removed Gator Skins and replaced them with Gator Hardshell.

Bike challenge statistics for 6/12/2013

Here are my statistics for today, 6/12/2013

Century Bike Commute

Today I accomplished a goal that I have not achieved in Georgia.  I rode 103 miles today commuting to and from work.  I rode 48 miles in the morning and 54 miles in the evening.  I use to do this type of long commutes when I lived in Portland.  I have in my memory that I use to have a 53 mile commute one way.  The route was up the west hills to Dixie Mountain.  Dixie mountain road went from 1,600 feet above sea level to 26 feet above sea level at the Columbia River.

Anyway I wanted to get a 50 mile route one way so I could ride it and get 100 miles on a bike commute.  Once I get the logistics down of where to ride and where to refill my water bottles I will do this route more often.

Morning Commute
Evening Commute  The day was cool and the rain was gone for my evening commute. I rode the whole ride in darkness or overcast skies. It was a real treat to be riding and not be really hot. There are some country stores along the route so I have a places to stop and get ice and Gator Aid…

Endorphin Cycle Junkie

< sarcasm warning>The following posting is full of tongue and cheek commentary about cycling and what goes on in my brain.  Humor is the main point of this blog post, but as with any of my public writings there is a bit of reality in my blog posts.  If you are easily offended or want to argue about scientific facts on human biology and psychology do not read this blog post</ sarcasm warning> I am a child of the sixties born at the end of the baby boom.  I was (and still am in my mind) an African American hippie that dropped out of college and joined a religious cult and moved to the mountains during the early seventies.  I have been exposed to many addictive substances in my life from over the air TV to Green Giant frozen creamed corn in a bag and I have reached the ripe age of an early sexagenarian without ever having to battle any serious physical addition except one.  The only thing that I have struggled with all of my live is my obsession with endorphins.

There are onl…