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Shine on you crazy bike commuter

The next time you see a bike commuter take the time to ask them when was the last time they had a cold or if they get flu shots.  I bet that most bike commuters can not remember when they were sick last.  As a bike commuter I ride my bike all year, rain or shine.  When I ride all year I hardly ever get sick.

I believe that my immune system stays strong because I am outside riding my bike at a minimum of three hours each day.  During that time I am breathing hard and sucking in all sorts of pollen and man made pollutants.  As a result of exposure to these air borne particles and the ever changing weather my body adapts to the seasonal changes and thus stays in sync with nature and I remain healthy and vibrant all year. If you are a cyclist and your agree or disagree with this fact post your comments so non cyclist reading this will be convinced to start riding everyday to stay healthy.

 This morning I started my bike commute of 51 miles at 5 AM and it was 72 degrees and 97 percent hum…

100 miles and 4,288 feet of elevation.

Yesterday, Sunday July 14, 2013, I proved to myself that you can ride around Austin and get a great ride without going far.  I started out early in the morning before daylight.  I rode north to the little town of Bertram 10 miles from Liberty Hill.

I then returned to Liberty Hill and ode to Leander and Cedar Park following the bike commuter route that I used when I lived in Cedar Parked and worked near down town Austin. I got to South Austin and stopped at P. Terry's and had a grass fed beef hamburger with all organic extras.

At mile 56 I decided to ride up what I consider the steepest roads in Austin, Stafford Lane and red Bud Lane.  I have not done this in a while and I have never done this route with a double.  I was riding a rented Trek Domane 4.7 and it was a nice adventure.  The seat post dampening works great.  I intentionally selected a route that took me over some good old chip seal and the bike performed beyond what I expected.

After the decent down red bud I road up the…

3,192 feet of elevation and 100+ degrees

Riding in Austin Texas is totally different that riding in SW Georgia.

The Trek Domane is living up to the claim of smoothing out the rough roads.  This is a hard route to ride in Austin. I chose it because In the past I know that riding around the 620 dam is tough.  rocks on the side of the road and some steep hills.  Stopped at a Whataburger to get food and ice.  I also filled up my water bottles with ade crape from the fountain. Carrying three bottles is a good deal for me so far.  Two in my frame and one in my pocket.

Where does the time go?

Yesterday I rode 55 miles (3 hours 20 minutes hours) to work and 50 miles (3 hours) home.  6 and a half hours on my bike.  the night before the ride I slept 5 hours.  I worked 8 hours that day.  I love it when I can ride more than I sleep.  My cable TV has been cut and it looks like I am so tired when I get home I have no time for Internet either. This is one of the best summers that I can remember.  So far I have ridden 5,300 miles for the year.

I took my Serotta bike to the bike shop.  I am wearing the old steel bike out.  My handle bar stem is corroded and will get replaced.  I have so many dings that are rusting that I may decide to strip the bike and repaint it.  

I am leaving for Austin, Texas for a wedding tomorrow.  I will be renting a carbon fiber bike of some sort and riding it around my old stomping ground for a few days.

I have not been keeping track of bicycle technology for a few years for good intentions.  I now find myself getting serious about getting a new bike.  What I…