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It has been a wacky health experience for me for the last two months.  Today is one of those evenings where I felt really relaxed and enjoyed the cool ride through the country.

I have been riding in Georgia a year this week.  I have photographed the cotton season for one season from fall harvest in 2012 to Fall harvest in 2013.
I am grateful to be healthy enough to ride my bike.

Getting old technology to work with new technology

I decided to take the dust bunnies off of my heart rate monitor (HRM).  Today I counted my pulse for 1 minute and got 54 beats per minute (BPM). I wanted to get a screen on my Garmin 810 that would show this while I was cycling.

I had trouble figuring out how to turn my HR monitor on.  I had used it a lot back in 2008 and 2009 when I was trail running with my Garmin Forerunner 405.  It took my brain about one month to figure out that that maybe if I put the HRM on it would start. Well once I had it on then my Garmin found it.  You would think I could use my brain for recreational technology a little better than I do for work related technology.

Anyway The Google Machine helped me find this video that got the light bulb turned on for me and helped me customize the screens on my Garmin 810 to do what I wanted.

Most of the time when I purchase technology and a few years pass and I purchase more technology I never expect the old technology to integrate with the new technology.  Staying wi…

Do not forget the cycling basics

Most of the time I write in my blog so that I can read it in the future and learn something that I may have forgotten.  This entry is defiantly something that I want to remember.  The unofficial theme of the Sylvester ride was Star Wars.

My dad once told me
If you are the smartest person in the room then you need to find another room. My 40+ years of cycling experience did not prepare me for running into the Pecan City Pedalers (PCP) cycling club (PCP) in Albany, GA.  Most of the places that I have lived in were nationally know for great cycling IQ.  I have lived in places like Portland, OR and Austin, TX.  In my opinion and my first hand experience the PCP has the highest cycling IQ of any town that I have cycled to date.

What do I mean by cycling IQ? Cycling IQ is a term that I just made up for this discussion.  I have no verifiable facts to back up this statement so you will just have to believe my feeble memory as I ramble on about how great PCP are and just deal with it.  To me c…