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Morgan/Dickey/Doverel/Herod/Sasser 80 miles

Today I rode 80 miles with 50 miles of headwinds. My rule of thumb is that if there are winds blowing when I choose a route I always choose riding into the headwinds on the first part of the route.  Today's route was chosen my the Pecan City Pedlaers (PCP)  ride coordinator and we rode with the tail wind first.

Usually on a PCP club ride I try to keep with the group as long as I can.  During this ride I stayed with the group all the way to Morgan and a few miles past the small town.  At about mile 32 as we turned into the wind is where I decided that if I was going to ride another 50 miles that I would have to slow down and back off of the 19-21 MPH pace and do my own thing.

I am pleased with my progress as a rider this past year.  I have been using the club rides as a means of increasing my cycling abilities so that I can ride faster and longer.  I was glad that today I could stay with the group for 30 miles and I did not feel stressed out or tired while riding.  Today the gro…

Endless possibilities for a bike commuter

This morning I went through a typical conversation with me and myself.  The idea of being able to create your possible future is both daunting and exciting at times.  Most of the time I am able to expand my world to what is possible.

When I went to bed on Thursday, I was thinking "one more day of riding my bike to work, yuck".  The alarm that I set for 5 AM went off Friday morning and I got up and turned it off.  My first thoughts were to go back to bed and call in to work and take a sick day.  My next thought was to make a cup of coffee and sit in front of my computer and read Google+ stuff and watch Tech news on YouTube.  It was at that point that I knew that the only thing to do was to immediately put my bicycle clothes on and get on my bike and ride to work.

My friends and co-workers are amazed when they find out that I ride my bike to work several days a week.  Their minds are blown when I say that I ride 12, 25 or sometimes 50 miles one way on my way to work.  What the…

Showerless bike commuting

Some of my hard core bike commuting friends in the Bike Commuter Cabal have converted me to shower-less bike commuting.  I have always had a rule that I could not bike commute unless I had a place to take a shower.  I was recently told by the facilities management team where I work that they no longer wanted to maintain the shower in the building where I store and change clothes.  This building is an old residence hall and is slated for demolition. For the past three days I have taken some advice and instead of showering after my ride to work I am using baby wipes to get the perspiration off of my skin.

So far things are working out OK.  I have made some changes in my bike route to work so I am not adding to the perspiration issue.  I am not taking my long 25 to 50 mile morning commutes, but I have chosen to take my 12 mile rout to work in the mornings.  It is also late fall so the temperatures are colder so this is giving me a chance to get use to this new routine when the weather …

Ride in the Rain

Today it was 72 degrees at 6 AM as I prepared to ride to work.  I knew that the Weather channel was forecasting thunder showers in the area about 9 AM so I knew that I should expect some rain.  I started out without taking a jacket but I had my arm warmers in my pocket.

This was my maiden voyage on my new Cobb seat.  I have been riding a used Specialized seat since 1999 so it was time for a replacement.  I purchased the seat from Higher Ground bike shop right after my 100 mile ride last weekend.  I had been searching for a seat for a few months and I finally decided to go with a seat that I could purchase with a 30 return policy.  I am sure that this seat will work out, but I always want to have options.

I took my short route to work which is about 12 miles. When I was 4 miles from my house it started raining really hard.  There was only a slight wind, but it was warm and as I got wetter and wetter it finally felt refreshing to get completely soaked while riding my bike.  I really lik…

How do I fuel on a 100 mile ride.

Spiz I have been talking a lot about Spiz.  At the rest stop  at mile 90 during the 2013 Spaghetti 100 where we took the photo I promised to post a link to the Spiz web site.  I learned about Spiz when I was doing ultra trail runs in Texas.  I learned that when you are doing an event that last over 4 hours you need to eat real food and not snacks or energy bars.  Running and cycling burn a tremendous amount of calories when you are doing ultra events. Read about Chet Blanton's experience with Spiz.

Even if the estimated calories that my Garmin 810 recorded during the ride are not correct knowing that I burned about 7,280 calories on a ride makes me want to make sure that I have enough fuel to ride 100 miles.  On a 70+ mile ride I drink Spiz.   On the Spaghetti 100 I mixed three scoops of Spiz in a bottle and kept it in a pocket without water.  At the mile 48 rest stop I put water in it.  At mile 60 I drank it all. That was about 1,500 calories in a liquid form that I consumed with…