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Winter Solstice Cycling Lights

I added another set of seasonal lights to my bike this weekend.  Monday was my first ride with them.  What I discovered when riding down really dark country roads is that the lights help me see where my water bottle cage is when I am trying to put it back in the cage while riding.

Bike on a Bridge over Beautiful Waters

In my rush to get home before it gets dark and my battery dies I had to stop and capture this image.  As a photographer I am always amazed at the changing seasons, light and atmosphere.  Here is SW Georgia when the humidity is so high and the temperatures change during the colder months there is a dramatic effect on rivers and swampy areas of the landscape. When I am on my bike I can stop anywhere I like and take a picture.  

This bridge is on one of the busiest streets in Albany. When I got off of my bike I am sure motorist thought I was nuts.  the shoulder is really wide on the bridge so it was safe to be taking pictures.  Large tractor trailer trucks were passing and the concrete bridge bounced under their passing weight.