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Good evening star shine, and the moon said hallow

Good evening star shine, and the moon said hallow. Yep it was a cold ride home, but I still was so awe struck by the moon that I had to stop and take a few pictures.

 Here are the pictures that I took overlooking the cattle pond on Graham Angus Farm on 8 Mile Road.  I am in a hurry to get to bed.  I will delete the ones that I do not like later.

Radium Springs Green Space

I rode my bike during lunch on Thursday.  I discovered that the Radium Springs Green Space had been maintaining the old golf course by mowing the grass.  I rode my road bike into the old country club parking lot and had a wonderful view of the Flint River.

I had a nice bit of peace listening to the sounds of the river as it flowed by.

My bike had fun resting on the lush grass.

Freakin' Cold Tuesday Morning Ride

It was really cold for my morning commute. My Garmin 810 shows that the minimum temperature for most of the ride was 12 degrees.
My Game Face