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Mid Night Ride through Albany

I have not done a mid night ride in a long time.  The last ride that I did from one day to the next was when I was visiting my son in Lincoln Nebraska.  I rode around at night just to see what the city was like after dark.  I use to ride on mid night rides on a regular basis in Portland, Oregon with the Shift Bicycle Club.

Well tonight I finished installing an Ikea entertainment and storage wall unit for Sylvia. That is the subject of another story on my other blog, Screws In My Coffee.  I needed to ride 15 miles to make my goal of 200 miles for this week.  I thought about blowing it off as it was really late, but I had another goal to ride my bike every day which I need to do.  so I got ready for my daily ride.

As it turned out as usual once I start riding I cannot stop so I ended up riding for a good while.  first I decided to get some grub.  I knew that in Albany, GA on a Sunday night the choices would be slim.  i decided to stop at the Wendy's which I was sure would be open.  …

50 miler Round trip to Morgan, AL

I needed to ride 47 miles today to make my goal of 200 miles a week. In Morgan I stopped by the county jail to take a picture and the male inmates thought I was a girl until I turned around and told them to have a nice day.

Head Winds and Warm Rain

This morning when I checked the The Weather Channel web site I was surprised to see that at 6 AM it was 67 degrees.  I almost did not believe it was that warm outside, but I dressed for my commute without all of the layers and long cycling pants that I have been living in for the past few weeks.  I did take my arm warmers and my trusty Burley rain coat just in case.

I started out from my drive way to an almost unbearable warm humid morning.  I was glad that it was warm and I started to ride down dark damp streets.  I knew it was going to be windy as the forecast showed 15 MPH winds.  The radar showed that rain was well past Albany so I was happy to ride in the warm dark morning.  I would soon discover that this assumption was wrong.

When I turned onto Eight Mile Road it started to sprinkle.  This light rain felt good as I was getting a little warm with my arm warmers.  I decided to roll them down to stay cool and I was just about to stop and take them off it started raining really ha…

1,000 miles in 2014

I have been riding every day this year.  Today I just past my 1,000 mile marker.  This year I am working on being a consistent cyclist and not a ride, then stop then ride again.  I will not be focused on speed improvements but I will focus on sustained strength.  to that end I am using a Garmin feature for setting short term goals that will help me focus on my long term goal of 10,000 miles this year.
When I set a monthly goal I can see my progress.  When I set my weekly goal I can see progress.  200 miles a week will get me to my annual goal.  Last year I had a goal of 250 miles a week and I only rode during the week.  The ride 250 miles in 5 working days did not work.  I will see if this year's method will work better.

Super Bowl Sunday 40 mile ride.

I had a wonderful weekend.  I assembled some Ikea furniture and went on a nice bike ride.  Here is my ride report.