Monday, February 24, 2014

Mid Night Ride through Albany

I have not done a mid night ride in a long time.  The last ride that I did from one day to the next was when I was visiting my son in Lincoln Nebraska.  I rode around at night just to see what the city was like after dark.  I use to ride on mid night rides on a regular basis in Portland, Oregon with the Shift Bicycle Club.

Well tonight I finished installing an Ikea entertainment and storage wall unit for Sylvia. That is the subject of another story on my other blog, Screws In My Coffee.  I needed to ride 15 miles to make my goal of 200 miles for this week.  I thought about blowing it off as it was really late, but I had another goal to ride my bike every day which I need to do.  so I got ready for my daily ride.

As it turned out as usual once I start riding I cannot stop so I ended up riding for a good while.  first I decided to get some grub.  I knew that in Albany, GA on a Sunday night the choices would be slim.  i decided to stop at the Wendy's which I was sure would be open.  Wendy's indoor service was closed so I tried the drive though window.  I was refused service because I was not on a motorized vehicle.  I decided to ride up to the McDonald's. The McDonald;'s was open with inside seating until midnight so I got a small burger and iced coffee and read some news on my phone.

After eating I rode a big loop around Albany though downtown past Albany State and then came home.  I wanted to ride at least 15 miles on Sunday.  At 11:59 PM I stopped the ride and started a new one to continue home.

It was a fun mid night ride through the fog.  I rode my mountain bike last night across the golf course.  I moved my light to my helmet so I could ride at night on my mountain bike.  Tonight I did not mount the light back on my road bike for the ride so I rode with it on my helmet.  I had forgotten how much better it is to ride with my light on my helmet.  the light adds so little weight to my helmet that I may keep it there for a while.  Riding through fog is better with the light above my eyes so that I do not have to look through the light as it bounces off of the foggy mist.  When the light is above my eyes I like to see the fog streaming above my head.

Here are the ride results.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

50 miler Round trip to Morgan, AL

I needed to ride 47 miles today to make my goal of 200 miles a week. In Morgan I stopped by the county jail to take a picture and the male inmates thought I was a girl until I turned around and told them to have a nice day.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Head Winds and Warm Rain

This morning when I checked the The Weather Channel web site I was surprised to see that at 6 AM it was 67 degrees.  I almost did not believe it was that warm outside, but I dressed for my commute without all of the layers and long cycling pants that I have been living in for the past few weeks.  I did take my arm warmers and my trusty Burley rain coat just in case.

I started out from my drive way to an almost unbearable warm humid morning.  I was glad that it was warm and I started to ride down dark damp streets.  I knew it was going to be windy as the forecast showed 15 MPH winds.  The radar showed that rain was well past Albany so I was happy to ride in the warm dark morning.  I would soon discover that this assumption was wrong.

Weather radar  history after I got to work
When I turned onto Eight Mile Road it started to sprinkle.  This light rain felt good as I was getting a little warm with my arm warmers.  I decided to roll them down to stay cool and I was just about to stop and take them off it started raining really hard.  I did stop and pull my Duck Bill from my jersey pocket and rolled up my arm warmers back up to cover my arms totally so the rain would not sting my bare skin.

I love riding in the rain as it gives me an opportunity to get soaking wet and not worry about trying to keep dry.  When I am riding down a country road and watching the rain sheet across the road it is just beautiful.  I know that the winds were blowing at least 23 MPH because when I was heading east with the tail wind I was riding at the same speed as the sheeting rain as it showed the wind patterns on the road.

The rain backed off a bit as I turned on Leary Road.  The daylight was starting to drift through the thick clouds that were dumping the rain.  As I rode I was watching the cloud reflections on the mirror glass black top of the highway.  It was like I was riding across a reflecting pond on my bike.  I could look up and see the clouds in the sky and I could also look down at the road and see the clouds with yellow and white lines through them.  It was too wet to take a picture, but this is where I really wanted a helmet camera so I could take some shots.

About 15 miles into the ride on Leary Road right before Cooleewahee Creek it seemed like the flood gates opened up.  the rain was much cooler than before.  I was thinking that I may need to put on my rain jacket, but I kept riding and enjoying the free "bike wash".  The very heavy rain continued for about 4 miles and did not let up until after I had reached HWY 91.

I arrived at ASU refreshed and energized to work on projects from my desk.

So I took my time and got to work soaking wet. My spirit felt wonderful as riding in the rain somehow de-polarizes all the negative vibes that build up around me. I think that is what I miss about surfing, I loved plowing through waves as I paddled out past the breakers. Water washing over your head when you are outside is so spiritual to me. riding in the rain has that same effect, I am totally at the mercy of the rain, but on my bike I do not care, it is warm and I just enjoyed the water drenching all over me.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

1,000 miles in 2014

I have been riding every day this year.  Today I just past my 1,000 mile marker.  This year I am working on being a consistent cyclist and not a ride, then stop then ride again.  I will not be focused on speed improvements but I will focus on sustained strength.  to that end I am using a Garmin feature for setting short term goals that will help me focus on my long term goal of 10,000 miles this year.
When I set a monthly goal I can see my progress.  When I set my weekly goal I can see progress.  200 miles a week will get me to my annual goal.  Last year I had a goal of 250 miles a week and I only rode during the week.  The ride 250 miles in 5 working days did not work.  I will see if this year's method will work better.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday 40 mile ride.

I had a wonderful weekend.  I assembled some Ikea furniture and went on a nice bike ride.  Here is my ride report.

about 5 miles east of Morgan, Georgia.