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Jekyll Lefty, the Green Thumper Bike Lights

I had a request to show how I attached the Hotshot to my helmet. I am riding with my Nite Rider Pro 1800 Race mounted on my helmet. I clip the hotshot on the headlight cable that goes to the battery in my back pack.

I also included pictures of all of my other lights, four total. I have a white flasher on my front shock, two small flashers left and right on my rear rack. I also have a Hotshot on my seat post. I have one Cateye on the rear of my rack.

When I have a bag on my rack I can easily unclip the Hotshot on my seat post and put it on my helmet, back pack or cycling jersey pocket.

Oh, and I found out that Burley in Eugene, OR is no longer a coop. The duckbill was made by Burley along with my rain coat. The raincoat was a casualty of the "incident" on March 17 at the. I am currently looking for another cycling jacket that I can use in the rain as there is no replacement for the Burley rain coat. Glad I still have the Duckbill.

The Video

The photos:

My Next Bike

I always said that my next bike would have disc brakes.   When I am going down a mountain road approaching 60 MPH and I am on an outside turn and I drop my inside leg out to gently lean my bike into the turn, I want to have the confidence that as I tap by brakes to limit my speed that I will not be heating up my rim.  When a cycling tire gets over heated from the heat transferred from the brake pad contacting with the rim it can cause a tire failure and that is not pretty.

I have always wanted to ride the Death Ride in the county of Alpine California.  I knew my old Serotta was not up to this ride, but my next bike will be purchased with this event as a goal.  I will not make it to the ride this year, but I will train for it in 2015.

Here is my short list so far.

Endurance bike framesTrek Domane 6.9 not shown with disc brakes. Bike Radar has a nice review of the bike.
Orbeca Avant M10D In Atlanta Podium MS sells this bike
Felt Z2 In Atlanta Podium MS sells this bike
Focus Izalco Ergoride…

Flint River Troll roll

I took a nice slow cycling trip along the Flint River trail this evening. Sometimes I just do not want to deal with traffic. I am glad that I have a big tire bike that can ride on any terrain with ease.

Holistic Strength Training For Triathlon

I had a bike fit at Podium MS in Atlanta, GA. My fitter, Andy gave me a copy of the book "Holistic Strength Training For Triathlon" and I am reading it today. Wow is all I can say.

The book is written by Andrew Johnston.

I have never competed in a Triathlon, but I can run swim and cycle. The future is so exciting and full of possibilities.

Bike Fit at Podium MS in Atlanta

My wife took some pictures during my bike fit today, enjoy.