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My Next Bike

I had a really good bike fit a few months ago.  The folks at Podium Multisport in Atlanta know how to assess your physiology and they understand cycling and bikes at a level that I have never seen in my 40 plus years of cycling.  I went into the bike fit with a favorite bike in mind that I wanted, but as with any experience with experts I came away learning something that I did not expect, titanium is still a good material for building bicycles.

My old Serotta was carbon steel, so I figured that my next bike would be a carbon fiber bike.  I rented a Trek Domane 4.2 last year when I was visiting Austin, Texas for a wedding.  I rode the bike for about 200 hard miles in 4 days.  I hit all of the chip seal roads and steep hills that I use to ride when I lived there and I was quite pleased with the ride and fit.

I have an unusual body anatomy.  I have the torso and arm reach of a typical man who is 5'6" and the legs of a typical man who is 6'3".  I am 6'1" so mos…