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Pecan City Pedalers Cyclist Cooler 2.0

I wanted to fix the misting apparatus for the Pecan City Pedalers Nut roll.  Below is the result of my efforts. Here is how it will be disconnected for storage.
The club has two of these misting devices.  They will be in use for the 2015 Nut roll.

Pecan City Pedalers Nut Roll 2014

Yet another bike event that I helped out as a volunteer.  My cycling club, The Pecan City Pedalers, sponsor this ride each year.  The rides stars and ends in the beautiful Parks at Chehaw in Albany, Georgia.
I also did the T-Shirt artwork for this ride.

Here is an Auto Awesome from Google
Google Does it again.  I am so amazed at how Google grabs data and re-imagines it.  This is so cool, taking what I consider "poor" content and mashing it up into something that is presentable.  This captures the start of the 2014 Nut roll in Albany, GA

It was a wonderful day to be out supporting the activity of cycling.  This was my second year working on the event and I always have fun.

I also had fun reworking the Nut Man logo.
The original Nut Man

The new and improved Nut Man