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Shift To Bikes

I have to plug this group, Shift To Bikes. I rode with them on some awesome bike adventures when I lived in Portland around 2002 when they first got started. My favorite ride was the Mystery Ride. We met at a pub on the east side and the ride leader would start the ride at mid-night. The only person who knew the route was the leader. It was cool riding through the deserted downtown streets with 200 cyclist. There were all sorts of bikes from the traditional to the home made.

Shift To bikes is sort of an anti-cycling club. They advocate cycling as being a social fun activity and not just a sport for health. I met a lot of folks that I never would have met if not for this club and my bike. There were lots of homeless cyclist in the group. When I think back on it I was unemployed at the time during the big Dot Com crash. I was getting unemployment and I would look for a job by day and hang out with the likes of these street urchins in the afternoon and evening riding my bike.…

Dreaming of Cycle Oregon 2015

I am sending this news letter to you with the idea that it will inspire your cycling.  I participated in Cycle Oregon in 1999 and rode it on a Trek MTB with slicks, areo bars and a non-stock 52 tooth big crank.  I bought the areo bars on day two because there were lots of head winds.  When I say fully supported I mean bike shops bring trailers full of parts and accessories to help you along if something breaks or you forgot something or you just want to try something new. I had a blast.  That year we looped Crater Lake and I did my first back to back to back 100+ mile per day.  I have wanted to do this ride again and since my accident I decided to start planning for 2015.

Cycle Oregon to me is a well planed and supported ride.  The more cycling events I ride the more I come to realize that Cycle Oregon is  a world class event.  There is a handbook on how to train and what to bring.  Check out this event even if you do not plan to go because this organization sets the sta…