Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Orange Eagles School of Cycling

This is my Seven Cycles 622 SLX
Today was the first time in over a year that I had the privileged to ride with the PCP Race Team.  I have not done much road cycling since March 17, 2014.  I started bike commuting on my new bike December 2, 2014.  Today was my first day back in the Orange Eagles School of Cycling and I was excited.

Why do I call this group the Orange Eagles?  When I was riding with them today I thought about the saying "How can you soar with eagles when you are surrounded by turkeys".  This statement reflects a negative attitude, so I was thinking about restoring the statement with my training.  I want to soar with eagles, but first I had to find some eagles to soar with, then I need to train so that I can fly with them.

Kent Wheeler took this photo of me on the ride.
Michele Moulton says we were going 23 MPH.
Today was another "Sling Shot" ride for me.  That is where I use the PCP Race team to get me way out in the middle of nowhere and when I get dropped, I ride home.  Now to some of you reading this it may sound harsh, but it is intentional.  I want to be a stronger rider because I want to ride longer distances like 300 miles, so I really need to train and who better to train with but a race team.  My goal is to ride long distances so my training is ride as fast as I can with the race team until I am almost out of energy and then see how far I can ride.

My training methods are intentional just like my open declaration to coaches, Michele Moulton and Kent Wheeler that I am coachable and I want to become a better cyclist.  Once I did this then I have now opened up a realm where Michele can tell me to quite looking at my cycling computer and focus on closing the gap during a ride.  I have Chip Battle encouraging me to get back on the wheel to stay with the pace line.  Yeah it is going to take a village to get me to a point where I can finish a ride with the PCP race team, but I am ready for the challenge.

I kept up with the PCP Race team for 56 miles before my legs told me that had enough.  My last ride with the PCP Race Team, back in October 2013, I kept pace for 30 miles, so for me staying with the group for 56 miles is a personal best. My plan was to stop at Bronwood, but Michele told me that I could make it to Smithville, I was doubtful about this, but I listened and heeded the encouragement.  At one point during the ride I started to get really tired and I felt like slowing down and "dropping myself" out of the pace line.  I saw the wheel in front of me slowly creeping away when I heard Kent from behind me say, "Lonnie, keep it up and he passed me and dropped in front of me and that was all I needed to stay in the pace line.  Coaching is an art, not everybody is good at it, but there are some good coaches in the PCP Race Team.  I am glad that I have found an environment where I can grow as a cyclist.

I am grateful to live in a town with a group of cyclist that know how to ride and are willing to help me become a better and stronger rider while also having fun.  Right now I find it difficult to be able to ride and talk at the same time when I am riding with the PCP Race Team.  Over time I know that I will get stronger and more confident with my riding ability.  When you see me later next year riding and talking you will know that the coaching and training are working.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Colder than I thought

I started out on my morning commute and my outdoor temperature was 37 degrees.  during the ride my hands started getting cold.  It was then that I noticed that it was 27 degrees.
Happy Holidays on Lily Pond Road in Albany, GA
About 6 miles from work

Monday, December 8, 2014

Be Brave When You Ride

I had to stop on 8 Mile road to take off my outer shell as I was getting too warm.  The Seven is fully operational as a commuter at the moment.  Updates will be getting the dynamo light and a new quick mount rear rack that has a lower profile behind my seat.

Today I road a Full Cycle Thunder Commute to work.  I road the route that I was riding on March 17, 2014.  I was thinking about Franklin D. Roosevelt's famous quote.

So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.  ~Franklin D. Roosevelt 

As I rode past the fire station on HYW 91 I realized that being brave is not ever being afraid, but being brave is overcoming your fear.  I am so glad to be able to ride to and from work again.  I know that I will soon put to rest all of my feelings of frustration of missing almost a year of riding my bike and just be glad that I am here to ride another day.

Here are my favorite quote by me:

When someone ask why I ride my bicycle so much, I reply, I bike for chocolate.
When my body tells me to slow down my brain says, Ride today so that you can ride tomorrow.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Saturday Loop to Abbott's Country Store for lunch

Lonnie Wormley

I had a wonderful ride this weekend with some close friends.  This was the first social ride with my new bike and the longest ride since my close encounter with a car last March.  The more miles I put on the road the better I feel.

I wanted to write about the the surprise conversation that I had with Mr. Abbott, the owner of Abbott's Food Center.  Our small group of four cyclist and me pulled into the parking lot to have lunch.  I had just leaned my bike up against the trash can near the front door.  A man, whom I would later find out was Mr. Abbott, asked me if I was the cyclist that was hit a while back.  I told him that I was.  He told me he was glad to see that I was OK.  He told me that he use to watch me pass the store every day rain or shine.  He noticed when I changed my route from turning on Old Pretoria Road to taking Leary Road down to HWY 91.  He told me that he was inspired to see me riding everyday.

I mention this because I want to remember that I never know who is watching me. Cycling is really important to me.  I love cycling and I want everyone to be able to ride when ever or where ever they want to safely. Cycling is changing the way the world moves around this planet. As a cyclist I must always remember that I am being watched so I need to be on my best behavior.

I am looking forward to getting back to the routine of cycling to work again.  I will be riding by Abbott's store tomorrow and I know he will be watching me pass.  I may occasionally stop and eat breakfast.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Searching for a way to mount Luxos U headlignt on my bike.

I am looking for a way to mount this headlight on my bike.  I am using this Blog post to take some notes on my progress to solve this problem.  My hope is that the Hive Mind on the Internet will kick in and help me figure this out.

Below is a picture of the light that I want to purchase from Peter White Cycles.

One of the main issues is that my bike has a custom headset and the stem and handle bar are not the standard variety for mounting accessories.

Here are some images of my bike.
Chris King headset is 44 mm in diameter which is a custom headset

SON28 ISO Disc

Stem has my Garmin mounted.

FSA Wing Pro Compact Handlebar 31.8 44 cm Black
Here is the manufacture's standard mounting bracket.
Nylon Headset Mount 1- 1/8" for threadless headset B&M471B11

At this point I am stuck.  Here is a link to Peter White Cycles bracket mounting page.  I will update this post when a solution is discovered.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Garmin Connect - 35 Saturday December Loop

This is a possible ride for tomorrow.  I have ridden this route before.  It will be nice to get out and ride during the day and not worry about going to work.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

My Seven 622 SLX is blowing my mind.

I had to read this article on the Seven website again after putting just under 75 miles on my 622 SLX.  I am glad I could not afford a paint job because I think the beauty of this bike is the fact that it is unfinished so you can see all of the perfect manufacturing skills that went into creating it.
This is a review from the Seven cycles Press Archives.

Seven Cycles 622 SLX

Cyclist Magazine: Issue 1

When the Seven 622SLX arrived in the office, a UK exclusive for Cyclist, we weren’t sure whether to ride it or frame it and hang it on the wall. It’s a thing of beauty. The titanium lugwork is a blend of functionality and art form, as if it has been draped around the carbon.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Back in the bike commuting saddle again

Today was my first bike commute since being hit by a car on March 17, 2014.  My first impression of the bike is that it really rides smooth.  It was so smooth that I thought that my tires were really low on air.  I know that I will forget how smooth this bike is, so this is why I am writing about it before I forget.

Anyway I took my short 12 mile route to work and I had fun riding to work again.  It will take me a while to get my strength back, but I am glad to be riding to work again.

My new Zombie Raccoon jersey courtesy of the BCC gang

Card from BCC folks.

My new bike commuting gear.

My new 622 Seven at the Albany, GA Vietnam War Memorial
My new 622 Seven at the Albany, GA Vietnam War Memorial