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Rooooll Me Another One

Roll me another one just like the other one. Yes this is hay.

How to lock your bike

Which one will allow the bike to be there when I come back from lunch, position 1 or 2?
I ate lunch today at the Cookie Shop.

Rainbow Commute Home

I had a drizzly, clammy commute home.  I decided to take one of my shorter routes and cut 5 miles off of my normal ride home just to stay out of the rain.  I managed to find some really awesome rainbows on my way home.

Hey, it was a warm morning ride to work

I can not complain about the weather this morning.  I left the house and it was 70 degrees outside of my house.  The temperature did drop during my ride, but it was not cold enough to wear any extra clothing this morning.  I am not riding as much as I have in past months due to business trips and home chores, but I am not agonizing over it like I use to do.  
I have 9,254 miles for the year and I will make my goal of 10,000 miles by December 10th which is the one year diversionary for the Seven that I am riding.

8 Mile Road Speed Deamons

My October 21st evening commute started as a slow relaxing ride b home. I was enjoying the evening sunlight listening to music on my Bluetooth speaker.  I stopped at the intersection of 8 Mile Road and Leary Road to test my skills at bike photography. I got my bike positioned. A guy in a truck stopped to make sure I did not need a ride. Every time I stop at this intersection, Peoria Station, I meet the nicest motorist. So I took the picture.
Just as I was putting my phone away two cyclist on the PCP Race Team rounded the corner yelling my name. I knew it was the Tuesday night fast rider group. There may be others close behind. I pondered if I wanted to pick up my 14 MPH pace. As I got on my bike Chip Battle came round the corner. I started to ride.
Soon I was in a 5 (including me) person pace line at 18-21 MPH. I lasted to about 1 mile from Gillonville Road. I pulled for a short stretch. I was not tired, I just was not use to the pace. At Gillonville we regrouped and I stayed with th…

Social Cycling

This weekend I spent three days participating in Social cycling.  The event was formally organized by the Bicycle Ride Across Georgia BRAG.  The weekend event that I attended was the Georgia Bike Fest.  I rode 100 mile course Georgia Bike Fest in 2013.

The main difference to my participation this year is that I camped at the event location in down town Columbus, GA with some of my cycling friends.  This is why I love events like this because you can have real time social interaction and ride a bike.

I define social cycling as riding your bike and having fun talking and interacting with other folks at a group cycling event. Social cycling is not a race. Social cycling is a time when you can ride you bike as a group.  Stop and talk.  Setting around between rides and talking about like is one of the best things I did this weekend.

Friday October 9 Day 1
I rode the 49 mile option with my friend and next door neighbor +Alan Bitterman.  I had never taken my bike up the river front trail no…

8 Mile Road

Just enjoying the nice golden light during the sunset on my commute home.

Zombie Raccoons Bicycle Club (ZORAC) Vest

Well I finally decided on the piece of apparel on which to put my patches. I decided against getting a leather vest.  I opted to get a technical vest, one that I would wear during hot humid summers and cold winters.

I went to REI in Atlanta and purchased a The North Face Canyon Wall Vest. Below are some images showing the positions that I may place the patches.

National Bike Challenge 2015

My second National Bike Challenge (NBC) is in the books so to speak.  Just like my first NBC, I had a blast, but I faced some physical challenges during the event.  This year I had a sever callous on my left toe that affected my position on my bike.  Eventually I resolved the issue.  Then during the last month of September i injured my left knee doing some chores and I had to miss a week of cycling.

Anyway I rode more miles than I did in 2013 which was my last time that I was actively in the NBC.  In 2014 I only rode the first three months due to my being hit by a car in March. I have some screen shots of the web site showing my statics below.  I rode 5,674 miles in 126 out of 152 days of the challenge.  The NBC ran from May 1, through September 30.