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Long distance Cycling Is Just Puzzle

I read this article posted in my Google+ Long distance Cycling Community.  

I totally agree with the concept that long distance cycling is a puzzle solving event.  I did the same puzzle solving when I was training for my first 100k trail run.

This article helps me as I think about my longest ride that I have ever done which was 145 miles.  I did it last year on 3/14/2014.  I rode from my house to the Gulf of New Mexico.  My Garmin's battery died, my phone battery died and my light battery died.  I could have gone another 50 miles as I was not tired, but my equipment ran out of juice.

I did not plan on getting hit by a car three days later. I am planning another ride to the coast.  I have revised some of my equipment.  I have lights that will always burn as long as I can peddle.  I have two spare batteries for  my phone.  I can charge my Garmin and phone during the day using my dynamo.  I also have a bike that can do more miles than I can at the moment.

I love just riding point to poin…

Winter Training Series #8 1/24/15

Today's ride was a learning experience as usual. Velominati Rule Rule #5// Harden The Fuck Up. With 15 to 25 mile an hour winds from the NW it was a tough ride for me keeping up with the race team.
The route stated out going north and then turned directly into the wind.  Today I lasted about 30 miles before I was really wiped out.  Well not really wiped out, just wiped out enough to know that if I was going to ride anymore miles I was going to have to slow down.

Michele Moulton and her husband Kent Wheeler of course would have none of this nonsense from me.  The team waited for me just before Bronwood and a course change was made to abort the 100 mile ride and just head towards Dawson.  I made it to Dawson well behind the group and met them at the store where they were refueling.  I did the same.

With the tailwind the group headed out from Dawson on HYW 32 and I decided that I was going to just go full out again until I ran out of steam.  Now that I look at my Garmin results I …

Seven Cycles 622 SLX at 838 miles

This is my bike.  I took my first ride on it 12/2/2014. To date I have 838.83 miles on the bike.  I did not ride a road bike from March 2014 until December 2014 due to a kiss with a car.

The more miles I put on this bike the more I like it.  This is the first bike I have owned with a compact crank and compact bars.  As with all seven Cycles, this is a custom bike.  I have toe torso of a man 5' 3" and the legs of a man 6' 1".  My last bike was a custom Serotta.

The improvements on this bike are the titanium lugs and chain stays and carbon tubing.  The bike is light and fast while absorbing road noise.  The bike has Shimano Ultegra components with disc brakes.  Front hub has a dynamo and wheels are Belgium.  I will get around to more component details later.

What I want to write about is how the bike is feeling on the road and how I am evolving as a cyclist.  when I was working with Matt Cole at Podium Multisport in Atlanta, GA on selecting a bike I told him that I wanted…

Thursday Night Ride Home

I usually stop here at the intersection of 8 Mile Road and Leary Road to do equipment changes.  Tonight I was riding hard and started to sweat even though it was not really warm.  When I sweat and it starts to get cold I always want to put on a jacket so that I do not get really cold as the air temperature drops and I am wet.

This intersection is Pretoria, Georgia which at one point in time had a purpose besides being a place for me to get off the highway to take a break from cycling.

Good morning farm

Watching the sun rise.

Battery Free At Last - Version 1.0Part 2

I was not pleased with the height of the head light.  I still have several brackets on my shopping list, but I still want to try positions with the parts I have.  I changed the angle of the bracket to lower the head light.   I like this position because it will allow me to put a small bag on my bars.  In this new position the light will be in front of the bag.