Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mower Gets Gator

On my ride home last night I saw a dead Gator. At first I thought it was a tire but when I got closer I saw it was a gator. I could not tell if it was alive so I swerved to the middle of the room to make sure. When I was sure it was dead I decided to take a picture. I see Gators often on my rides in southwest Georgia. Usually when I get my camera out they're gone.

Monday, April 27, 2015

No Trey Today

Today's ride home is dedicated to my friend Trey Griffin.  Trey is on the PCP Race Team.  Last week during the Thursday evening club ride I found myself riding 20-24 MPH right on the back tire of Mr. Griffin as he rode south on 8 Mile Road.  At the time I was still running the cyclocross tires which held up pretty fine.

So on my way home I found myself riding really strong with the Gator Skins so I decided to really push myself to ride fast for about one hour.  Riding with the PCP race team taught me a few things about how to ride full out.  I like to maximize my 25 mile commute by mixing in some training techniques.  Some of these training methods do not make sense to most cyclist, but they work for me.

One of the things that I use to do before riding with the race team is I would slow up on the "hills".  What I learned is that on these little hills is where I struggled to keep up and I would get dropped.  So what do I do to train to get stronger?  Well on my bike commutes when I am pushing myself I do not shift to an easy gear when I approach a hill, sometimes I shift down and accelerate up the hill.  Tonight I was monitoring my speed and I wanted to maintain at least a 18 MPH pace, even on the hills on 8 Mile Road.  I thought about how much faster I could be riding if Trey was in front of me pulling, hence the blog title, "No Trey Today".
Riding around SW Georgia and accelerating up hills instead of slowing down for a hill was a cycling methodology that was strange to me at first.  What I learned is that if I was going to keep up with the fast group I would have to get stronger on these little hills.  So on my bike commute I ride the hills hard and try to keep the same pace as I have on the flats and wait until I get to the crest of the hill and that is where I catch my breath.  Breathing deeper than I use to do is also helping me get stronger to keep up the pace after the hill too.

Now for some fun. I have not found the picture of my old Serotta next to a tractor. I did stop to take a picture of my Seven next to a county tractor.  Even though I sometimes like to do "training rides" I always have time to stop and take a photo.

While was getting ready to get back on my bike I noticed a big bolt in the tractor tire.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Headlight Mounting Ideas

Placed an order for these parts. Time to give my head light a proper mounting.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Green Thumper Midday ride downtown Albany

I wanted to check out the latest progress on the Flint River Bridge.

The Flint River is running high because of all of the recent rain.

Civil Rights Fountain

I was thinking about a newspaper article telling the story of police getting tickets to black cycles in Tampa Florida.  This is a picture of my bike at the civil rights near downtown Albany Georgia.

Earlier on my bike commute this morning I will pass by a black man on a bike on his way to work. I was stopped with other cars at a busy intersection facing a red light. The black man rode through the red light. we exchanged pleasantries and wished each other a good morning. I wondered if there was a police present  would either of us have been asked to prove that we owned our bikes.

I thought the civil rights struggle was over apparently its still going on for cyclist.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Members only

This is near the parking lot where the cycle world Club ride starts

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Walker Decker Station Road

I did not hear my alarm this morning, so I am taking a early evening ride.  I took the "weight training" gear off of my bike for this ride.  I wanted to see what the road conditions were on Walker Decker Station Road after a few days with no rain.  After riding the 2.56 miles of dirt I was pleasantly surprised at how fast the road had dried out.  I was also impressed with how fast I could ride on the dry hard packed clay.  I had to really watch for large dips in the road and get up off of my seat quickly to avoid getting bumped around, but I ahd a blast.

Walker Decker Station Road
I suspect that the name sake of this road is an old railroad station.  All that is left of it are these brick ruins.  I hope that someone from the area can verify this claim by making a comment to this post.

Possible ruins of Walker Decker Railroad Station?

Possible ruins of Walker Decker Railroad Station?

Possible ruins of Walker Decker Railroad Station?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cycle World Tuesday Evening Group Ride

Tonight I took the short route home so that I could ride the Cycle World Group Ride. The group meets in the parking lot of the Doublegate country club near my house.  The rides are bi-weekly on tuesday and Thursday. All cyclist are welcome to ride with the group. Tonight I took a video of all of the riders as they headed out for the ride.

I got this inspiration from my friend  +Alex Turner.  Alex took some pictures of riders as they took off ontheir brevet.  His pictures really showed me a lot about the cycling culture in england.  I could tell what the weatehr was like just by looking at what folks were wearing. I have learned a lot from the pictures that I see taken on the road by cyclist on Google+

Here is what the typical cyclists in Albany, Ga are wearing and riding.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Red Dirt Muddy Road

Tonight I wanted to ride down a dirt road that I have been curios about for three years. So I headed down my usual route down Leary Road and then Mud Creek Road.  On the way to the dirt road I saw two wild turkeys in a large field.  I have seen turkeys in ths area before, but not in bright sunlight.  another reason to have a helmet camera.

I did stop to take a picture of the Ducker Plantation Pecan Orchard.

Once again the golden light of the late afternoon sun has cast a magical light on the newly sprouted pecan leaves.  I like the way the green plays off of the dark tree branches.

Walker Decker Station Road

I think there is an old brick building that use to be a railroad station at the intersection of Mud Creek and Walter Decker Station. Below are images of the dirt road ride.  The $26 bike cycle cross tires did a fine job on the road.  there were some fresh truck tire marks on the road.  The driver made a mess of the road in some of the wettest spots by spinning the tires and making large ruts.  these were where I had the most thrills as I had to use some skill to pedal through them without getting stuck or putting my foot down in a big mud puddle.

Here is a short video to help you get a feel of how quite and peaceful this little railroad bridge location is.

I will ride this dirt road and many more in the future.  riding on country paved roads is a treat, riding on a country dirt road is a blast.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Late Birthday Present

Sometimes it is nice living in a small town where everybody knows everybody.  I was surprised today by seeing an article about me on the front page of the local newspaper, the Albany Herald.  My neighbor and close friend Rachelle Bitterman who works for the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce mentioned to Carlton Fletcher, the metro editor of the Albany Herald, about my 200 mile bike ride.  I knew that the interview that I had with Mr. Fletcher was going to be in today's Sunday paper, but I had no idea that I would have my photograph on the front page.

I hope my message about driving while distracted reaches more people. Cyclist and pedestrians need access to roads without fear of being hit by a motor vehicle.
Lonnie Wormley - photo taken by Carlton Fletcher, Albany Herald

Friday, April 17, 2015

622 SXL Road Transform to Cycle Cross

Seven Cycles 622 SLX Disc with WHITE WALL Cyclecross tires.

I am going to ride the Dirt(y) Pecan 150 tomorrow. One of the major equipment changes that I had to do before the ride was to change my tires. The ride tomorrow is going to be mostly on dirt roads. One of the main design decisions that I made in selecting this bike was that I could ride dirt roads or do cycle cross trails.  I have not put tires on a bike with white walls in a long time.

I purchased some tires from Cycle World and I tested them this morning on Doublegate Country Club, the private golf course near my house. I have run and taken my mountian bike on the course by poaching it during the early morning or late at night under the cover of darkness many times.  This morning was the first time I rode the 622 SLX with the cycle cross tires. What a difference riding a bike off road without any shocks.  My Canondale Jekyel is full suspension so I am use to hitting any bump, rock or tree root and not feeling a thing.

I rode about five miles on wet soggy grass and hard packed dirt covered with pine tree roots and pine cones.  It was quite a workout for only riding one hour.  The tires did quite well, even on some steep climbs my rear tire did not slip on the wet soggy grass. I always stay off of the greens and ride on the edge of the fairways.
Doublegate Country Club
The tires are Termin-8er 700 x32C. The inner tubes are Sunlite 700x28-35.  The tires have a maximum tire pressure of 85 PSI and I was running them at 70 PSI. I wish I had a rear fram rack because my seat post rack moves around on bumpy terrain. I am close to making a decision on the Axiom Streamliner Disc DLX. The 150 mile ride tomorrow is self supported so I want to take all of my "stuff" as this is not going to be a fast ride (for me) and more of a country back road tour.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Yet another year on the planet

I got some birthday presents today. my sister sent me a bike kit. I also treated myself to  a pair of Wind Block.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wednesday Evening Ride

My bike in it's parking lot, a network closet where I work.
Tonight I had near perfect weather on my ride home this evening.  I was happy to discover that there was no rain predicted in the forecast so I decided to take Mud Creek ride home.  I love overcast skis because there are no hard shadows in the landscape so photographs have amazing color saturation. The air temperature was between 72 and 66 degrees with a slight cross wind that took some of the humidity away from my skin.

I started my evening ride by practicing my cycle photography skills. The only thing wrong with this shot is that I do not have the rear derailleur in the small cog. Crank arm is aligned with the seat tube.  Valve stems are behind the frame.

Bare Legs in the Spring
I bought some light weight shoe covers last December.  I wanted the covers to keep the dirt off my shoes when riding in the rain.  I had struggled putting them on and thought I had made a bad purchase.  I was putting the covers on with the zipper on the outside of my foot.  today for some unknown reason I switched and put them on with the zipper on the inside.  They were much easier to get on.  Anyway in the photo you can see that I have them on.

When I ride in warm rain I do not care about getting wet.  Rain soaks into my socks and wicks into my shoes, but I do not car at this time of the year because my feet will not get cold.  These light weight shoe covers are used to keep my shoes clean not to keep my feet dry or warm.

There is a spot on Lily Pond Road that has a wet lands area on both sides of the road.  During the spring here in SW Georgia large "ponds" are getting covered with lilies.  I am not sure why the road is called Lily Pond, but this may be the reason.

Lilies in this pond are starting to bloom.
I am playing around with the camera on my Note 3. I did not capture the beautiful gray clouds against the green.

Mud Creek Swamp

On Mud Creek has a swamp close to the Leary Road.  Later in the year I have to ride really fast over this bridge because there are lots of mosquitoes hanging around.  Today with the cooler weather and the heavy rain this afternoon there were no bugs anywhere.  I took the opportunity to take some pictures. Again, I am fiddling with the settings on my Note 3 camera.

This is a view north on Mud Creek.  There are pecan trees to the left.  I will show more on another day.

Wednesday morning bike ride

What a beautiful morning. The air is fresh there is no wind the rain last night really cleared out all of the pollen.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Wednesday Evening Ride home

I love seeing tractors and other agricultural equipment on my cycling adventures.

While I was stopped on the side of Leary road I also was admiring the field of winter wheat on what usually grows cotton later in the year. There are usually deer in thsi field, but I never get photos of them because they run off into the trees before I can get to my camera.  Another reason for getting a Garmin Virb

On Eight Mile road the oak tree reflecting pond shows it's true use as a cattle swimming pool.