Saturday, May 30, 2015

Corn Field Rainbow

Yesterday on my ride home I decided to follow a route in Lee County that I rode recently on the previous Thursday evening club ride. the road passed by some beautiful corn fields that called to me to stop and take pictures, but alas I was riding with a group so I did not stop. On my Friday evening commute home I decided to take this route and I was rewarded with some beautiful rainbow images. It was hot so I stuck around and rode through the water when it hit the road.
Corn field rainbow on Palmyra Road
Corn field rainbow on Palmyra Road
Irrigation water hitting Palmyra Road
Corn field rainbow on Palmyra Road
I spend a lot of time in the saddle during the weekly commute to and from work.  On an average day I ride 50 miles which consumes about four hours.  Sometimes riding my bike can start to turn into a grind of just getting from point A to point B and I sort of forget to enjoy the scenery as I pass it by.  My ride yesterday was refreshing and reminded me of why I choose to spend time on my bike.  I ride not to see how fast I am going nor to just use it as a cheap form of transportation.  I ride so that I can experience the outdoors whether it is man made or natural.   Being outside on the road listening to the sound of my bike with the song birds and wind blowing past my big ears is peaceful.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Nice Cool ride Home

I ride on this road almost everyday.  I asked an old timer if the road was named because of the lily pond near by.  He looked at me like I was an idiot and said yes, of course.  The road is Lily Pond Road.  I have been watching the lilies grow and waiting for the first blooms to appear.  Well today I saw a few and decided to stop and take a picture.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Albany, GA to Wakulla Springs, FL

I made another long ride into the state of Florida May 23, 2015. My wife +Sylvia Wormley  wanted to visit the Wakulla Springs State Park. We play this game where she picks out a destination that she wants to visit, and i ride my bike there and then we hang out and relax. As usual I could not stop and take all of the pictures that I wanted to, but here are the photos from the ride.

Tractor on GA HWY 37
 I like riding my bike down roads where there are farms.  When I get a chance to stop and take a picture of a tractor I do it.  I have never seen a tractor of this type.  I will have to research it to see what it is used for.

Pastoral barn on River Road
My friend Richard Thompson recommended that I take this road on my next trip to Florida on my bike.  River road is really nice, lots of farms and low traffic.  If you look closely at this image in the sky on the right you can see a crop duster.  I am glad that I did not have to cross paths with this crop duster on this ride.

New county for my bike travels
This route was remote and it did not take me through any small towns that had gas stations or stores.  I pass a lot of churches as this is the Bible Belt, so I started stopping at churches to get water.  I use tablets to add electrolytes to my water.  I started playing another game on this trip, see how far I can ride without paying for water.  I am happy to report that I rode 131 miles and did not pay for water.

I have passed many corn fields on my bike.  I have also watch large combines harvesting corn for bulk use.  I have never witnessed the harvesting of corn by hand for consumer packaging.  Earlier on my trip I was a plant that was taking tree farm pine logs and transforming them into the wire wooden crates that are being used for this corn.
The truck is being pulled by the tractor.

Farm hands picking and packaging corn
I have always wanted to visit Bainbridge

Prefect weather and slight cross winds

This would be my fastest average pace for the day
Downtown Bainbridge, GA

Bainbridge State College

After leaving Bainbridge I vered off course and got on US HWY 84 instead of staying on US HWY 27. I guess I wanted to do some hill training with strong headwinds.  I was starting to get discouraged riding on this busy highway, but my spirits picked up when I reached the town of Climax.
Old store front in climax, GA

Climax, GA Memorial to locals who paid the ultimate price in  WW II 
I took my phone out and got my bearings.  I decided to trust my garmin which was offering a updated route.
Finally got to florida
After meandering though some back county roads I got back to US HWY  27.  I decided to stay on US HWY 27 until I got to Tallahassee.

After crossing into florida I saw this huge Confederate Flag.  I decided to add it to my trip photos.

I really like the style of this sign

It was getting really hot at this point.  I started playing another game. I wanted to take a picture of my Garmin display when my milage was the same as the air temperature.  I got pretty close before giving up and focusing on getting to my destination.
98 miles 98 degrees

100 miles 101 degrees. temperature jumped up before I could get my phone out
Finally got to Wakulla Springs
I am doing a write up on my visit to Wakulla Springs soon.

Friday, May 22, 2015

First Friday Evening Slow Roll

This evening 12 cyclist met at the Doublegate parking lot to participate in a Slow Roll.  It was the first time that my vision of cyclist riding bikes just to be social came to life in Albany, GA.  I am glad Sharon Thomson actually took the Slow roll idea and organized the ride.

We took a route up through Calloway Lakes and wound up at Los Vaqueros Mexican Restaurant.

Everyone on the ride had fun.  I am sure that we will do another Slow Roll again.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday morning riverfront ride

Today I got up at the same time for my morning  bike commute but instead I was leaving from a hotel in Columbus Georgia. I wanted to ride down the river front walk all the way to Fort Benning.

It was a beautiful ride. I braved the mosquito bites to take a few pictures.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Humid overcast rainy ride home

After spending two days riding through the city with lots of stop lights I am glad that most of my bike commute is through a forest.  I decided to take a closer look at a recent clear cut from late last year.
The rain started as I turned up Mud Creek Road. Funny thing with rain when it is hot and humid. It rained lightly the whole time I was riding on Mud Creek. The road never got completely wet as the moisture evaporated almost as soon as it contacted the pavement. My arms stung with the wind whipped rain. The air was cool as long as I kept moving.
This evening ride home was very relaxing.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Lunch time ride

Today I was riding the Green Thumper through downtown Albany. I spotted a few antique automobiles. I love trains and antique autos. As I rode I spotted a stake truck and I knew that I had to stop to check it out.

The truck was not in top restoration condition, but it was still nice. Note the proud display of Stars and Bars. I am at the point in my life after living here for five years that the display of the Stars and Bars does not freak me out anymore. I now see the display in the same frame if refrence as I do of the Hell Angel's logo or Crisp and Bloods graffiti, just another display of organized rebellion.

I am an American and our DNA is built on organized rebellion. We strive to be unique but we always want to be a part of a group.

My First Computer Delivery On My bike

I have been riding my bicycle to work for some time.  Today is the first time that I rode my bicycle for work related tasks.  Today I had to deliver a small form factor computer to HR for use as a digital sign player.

The HR director stopped by my office yesterday and made a request.  I packed a PC in my Chrome Messenger bag and rode my bicycle across campus and installed the computer in the HR office.  I took the old computer back to my office.  What a nice bicycle install.

Pictures as usual.
No bike racks in front of Billy C. Black building, so using a bench.
New computer running Rise Vision Chrome player installed.
Old computer ready to return to my office
Elevator shot of my Chrome bag and Beats Blue Tooth.
Getting ready to cycle in civies with pants rolled up.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Lunchtime ride

Bike on a pole overlooking the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce building.
It is not too often that I have made planned to ride my bike to lunch.  I have walked downtown to lunch a few times in the past.  I started eating in the cafeteria this school semester to make bike commuting easier.  No eating breakfast at home and trying to get a ride to a fast food joint with friends this time around.  During this time of year on campus the cafeteria is closed because there are no students on campus, so it is a good time to ride downtown and eat at a local restaurant.

Today I rode my bike to Our Daily Bread and had the three scoop salad. After lunch I decided to ride north and check out the train museum and that is when i found the treat for the day, an old train and an active train.

Old steam train waiting for a restoration

Bike on a fence with caboose in the frame.

I rode up a few blocks and turned left down a dirt road that leads to the river Walk trail.  Not bad for a lunch loop, a little street, some dirt and some paved trail riding all close to work.

Up The Creek without A Pedal SWAG

I did the 25th Anniversary Up The Creek without A Pedal this past weekend. I paid extra for the SWAG. Part of the SWAG was yet another water bottle, but this is no ordinary water bottle.  I took the bottle to work so that I could use it on my short frame MTB.  the bottle has a screw off bottom.  This means it is easy to clean, wow!