Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Finally a spin class that I like

Sol Republic speaker
I won a Solo Republic Punk Bluetooth speaker last month at a information security conference raffle. I had not figured out where to use it until Sharon Thompson showed up at the monthly Slow Poke Ride with one on her bike. Well after listening to music during the ride, I decided to order a clamp and put mine on my bike for the next Slow Poke ride.

Well today I decided to ride to work and test the speaker out.  I love listening to nature when I ride, but there is just so much of birds, frogs and insects that I can take, so today I hit the play button.  I liked the fact that I could still hear cars and other noise around me and still hear the music.  It takes a lot to turn my brain off so that I can really enjoy just being in the present, and today the music provided just the right amount of distraction to keep my pace up and moving down the road.

Arkon camera mount with easy on and off strap

I may move the speaker to my top tube for the ride home.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Slow Poke Ride Play List

Track Name Artist Name
Bicycle Race Queen
Dancing In The Street Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
Only You Can Show Me Goldroom, Mereki Beach
Rolling In The Deep Adele
We Got The Beat - Single Mix The Go-Go's
Freeway of Love Aretha Franklin
Heat Wave - Stereo Mix with Fade Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
Something About You - Single Version Level 42
Back To Black Amy Winehouse
Long Time Gone Dixie Chicks
Stop! In The Name Of Love The Supremes
You Can Be the One Late Night Alumni
Love Shack [Edit] (45 Version) The B-52's
Like a Rolling Stone Bob Dylan
I Really Like You Carly Rae Jepsen
California Girls The Beach Boys
Happy C2C, Derek Martin
Love Like Mine Miami Horror, Cleopold
Something Good Can Work - The Twelves Remix Two Door Cinema Club
Don't You Want Me - 2002 - Remaster The Human League
1901 Phoenix
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out - 2011 Remastered Version The Smiths
You Can't Hurry Love The Supremes
Dance This Mess Around The B-52's
Uptown Funk Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars
Doctor! Doctor! (Original Mix) Thompson Twins
Get Lucky Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams, Nile Rodgers
Talking in Your Sleep The Romantics
Hound Dog Elvis Presley
Cruel Summer Bananarama
I Ran (So Far Away) A Flock Of Seagulls
It's My Life - 1997 Remastered Version Talk Talk
Don't You (Forget About Me) Simple Minds
Good Vibrations The Beach Boys
Daydream Believer The Monkees
She Blinded Me With Science - Extended Version Thomas Dolby
Don't Mess With Bill The Marvelettes
My Guy Mary Wells
My Girl The Temptations
Highway to Hell The Charts

Friday, June 26, 2015

Slow Poke After Dinner ride

This is a proposed route of 6 miles though residential neighborhoods from the Los Vaqueros restaurant to Doublegate Country club parking lot.

Monday, June 22, 2015

BCC Lion Says Get Up And Ride

I rode to work in one of my new Bicycle Commuter Cabal jerseys. I was watching it all weekend as it lay on a sofa in a bedroom. It kept begging me to put it on and go for a ride.
I did no ride much this weekend. I usually sleep late so I miss morning group rides on Saturday and Sunday was filled with home projects.  For me the main advantage for bike commuting is that I get to ride my bike during the week and I can chillax on the weekends with my wife and friends. When I do ride on weekends it is usually an organized charity ride or a staycation century+ to a hotel.
Today the lion roared at 3:45 AM. I got up suited up and headed out to do the Leary Loop. My goal was to see if I could get to work in under three hours.
I saw one live armadillo and one live Zombie Raccoon. This is the third armadillo that I have seen this month.
I made it to work in three hours plus a minute thirty seconds. Riding strong in the morning when it is in the seventies is easier than riding in the afternoon when it is ninety five.
I bought some new cycling socks on Saturday. They are 200 TPI compression socks. I have never had socks like this. Today they relieved my sore feet.
My new BCC jersey
The lion that roared me awake
My new Swift Wick socks

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Rainbow at Sam's Club

You know you're having a good day when you see a rainbow

Leary Loop The Long Way Home

Last night I decided to take the long way home. My wife Sylvia was going to spend the evening playing mahjong with her friends. I decided that I would just take my time and ride out to the town of Leary.
This is the first time that I have taken the Leary Loop home on a bike commute since my accident. I remembered why I started riding this loop, because I was bored with riding my other routes. The Leary Loop also is mostly shaded in the early evening by tall trees. Temperatures drop at least 5 degrees in the shade.
I made good use of free water at churches along the route. I drank a lot of water with electrolytes.
I spotted a flock of Canadian Geese by a pond at the intersection of GA HWY 55 and Gillonville  Road. I also took photos of my bike next to some of my favorite signs along the way home.

Friday, June 12, 2015

National Bike Challenge 2015 - Platinum Badge

I earned my Platinum Badge on June 11, 1015 by earning 2,500 points int the National Bike Challenge. Below are some information graphics showing progress thus far int eh challenge. the goal of this challenge it to promote bicycling during the best season of the year.  time to get out thee and ride your bike.

For me the challenge is allowing me to hold fast to my goal of cycling everyday and building up my endurance for the long 100+ mile rides that I enjoy so much.  There are some heavy hitters in this challenge.  Some folks are riding 80 to 100 miles or more a day.  I am setting a goal of riding at least 1,000 miles a month and still maintain a happy wife and a happy life.

The statics do not show it, but most of my miles that I ride my bicycle are commuting back and forth to work. I average 25 to 33 miles each way between my work place and my home.  This is the time of year that I really enjoy riding my bike.  The days are long and the weather has some surprises like afternoon thunder showers. I love riding in the warm rain of summer.

For the month of June Lonnie is ranked 4th in the state of Georgia's 1,626 participants
For the month of June Lonnie is ranked 106th in the U.S. out of 84,879 participants
After two months Lonnie is ranked 6th in the state of Georgia's 1,626 participants
After tow months Lonnie is ranked 102nd in the U.S. out of 84,879 participants
Albany State is ranked number one in the State of Georgia out of 9 participants
Albany State is ranked 25th in the U.S.out of 202 participants

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Alien Sword?

I ride by the Sherwood Christian Academy sometimes twice a day. The first time I saw this water tower (I am guessing it is a water tower) it was at night in a freak me out. I thought I was in the middle of nowhere until I saw it lite up at night. I knew that one day I would ride to work and catch it right minutes in with rising behind it. Today was that day.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Rainy Rooster Tail Ride Home

Sometimes my bike commute gets boring.  I like to ride familiar routes for several reasons.  Riding the same route allows me to before a fixture to the other vehicles on the road.  Drivers see me every day as they commute so they "expect" me to be there.

I have verified this fact when folks come up to me in stores and tell me that they see me and they like my bright lights and jerseys.  Getting this feedback has allowed me to verify what i have felt so I know that there are motorist out on the roads that really care about cyclist safety.

So back to the intentionally boring cycling routes.  Well by riding the same route I can really get to know everything on the route.  I memorize when the delivery trucks pass by like FedEx and UPS. I notice all of the bumps and pot holes in the road.  I watch the decay of the road kill from day to day. There is one UPS driver that waves to me as I am heading west on Leary road on my way home and they are driving east towards Albany.  I like to tell what time it is by referencing the vehicles that I see and the changing daylight as I ride.  Another aspect of riding the same route is watching the seasonal changing of all of the vegetation and agricultural growth as it changes.

So on this ride home I decided to stop and take a picture of the name sake of Lily Pond Road.

I pass this pond twice a day and I thought today that the one time that I want to stop and take a picture of the blooming lilies they will be gone, so today I stopped.

I figured out a way to prop my bike up using a soda bottle and kept it from rolling by placing my water bottle under the tire.

I know that my camera phone cannot so up close the blooms that are on the lilies just past my bike, but at least here is yet another picture of a cyclist bike posted on the Internet..

Tonight as I was approaching Mud Creek Road it started to sprinkle.  The temperature was about 80 degrees and as the rain hit the pavement the humidity started to get thick.  I was hoping that the rain would get heaver so that the road would get completely wet and the temperature would cool off.  I got my wish as the rain got stronger as I headed up Mud Creek.  The temperature dropped 10 degrees in about a mile of riding after the rain started.

This s a short video that I took at the entrance to a wildlife management tract of land.  I wanted to get our of the rain under the awning to record the rain.

On Mud Creek in the pasture just past the bridge I saw six wild turkeys.  This is another reason why I want to get some sort of helmet camera.  I have spotted turkeys in the field several times and I will never get them in a photo without having a camera always taking pictures.

As I turned to ride west off Tallahassee Road onto Old Dawson Road I had the benefit of riding east with a tailwind.  I rode west into the headwind on Leary Road that was bringing in the storm clouds.  I had a tail wind to push me home just ahead of the increasing rainfall.  I have experienced this phenomenon before and I like doing it.  I like to ride and chase, or be chased by storms.  What I have discovered in this part of the country is that I can ride right at the edge of the rain clouds as they move about.  This is really cool for me as when I am riding the rain will seem to stop, then start again as I ride in and out of the edge of the storm cloud.  One of the best things about my bike is that it is rain ready.  My bike has no parts that will rust and the disc brakes allow me to ride through puddles of water and still stop on a dime if I have to.

Here is my ride route

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Proposed Bike Sign

I have been thinking of this sign for some time. I want to get it onto the roads here in Albany, GA.

Monday, June 8, 2015

It is the difference between night and day

On my morning commute I really struggled to ride to work.  I only got four and a half hours of sleep.  My wife and I stayed up late to finish off the last three episodes of Drop Dead Diva.  At one point on my journey to work I wanted to stop my bike and take a nap.  I was dreading the ride back home after a day staring at a computer screen.

To my surprise I had a wonderful ride home.  The ride home started out with a few sprinkles of warm steamy rain.  When it is 80 degrees and rain hits the asphalt down here in the south it will turn to steam as it evaporates off of the pavement.  It will have to rain for more than a few minutes before the pavement will cool off long enough for the air temperature to cool my skin.

I started off at a slow pace into a southern head wind and just wanted to get the commute over with.  Then at about 5 miles into the ride home I started feeling better and I picked up my pace.  By the time I got to Mud Creek I was feeling very powerful and I rode faster than normal up to Gillionville.

I am not sure why I picked up my pace.  Sometimes when I think that my legs have a mind of their own. I rode the same route home and I did it 14 minutes faster than in the morning.

So my parting thoughts are:

  1. I am going to get more sleep
  2. I may need to go back to eating breakfast or some food before my commute and not wait until I get to work to eat.
  3. I doubled the tablets in my water when I re-filled at the church.
  4. My method of drinking one water bottle for every 25 miles needs revision and I will drink 1 bottle for every 15 miles when it is above 80 degrees.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Tri State 100

 This 101 mile ride has been on my list for a few years.  Anytime that I can ride across a state line I get so excited. I was riding with my good friends Richard and Sharon Thompson.  I rarely have pictures taken of me during a ride, but Richard took this picture of me standing next to a large oak tree.  Oak trees this large are common in this part of the country.  I sometimes try to imagine what was going on in the area 100 years ago when a tree was a sapling.

Left to right - Lonnie Wormley, Seven 622 SLX and Big Oak Tree

After 20 miles stopping at the first rest stop
Left to right, Lonnie Wormley, Richard Thomas and Sharon Thompson

Great Southern Highway 370 in Georgia just south of Columbia, Alabama
Riding a bike in the south is a real treat for me.  This is a typical county road in the deep south.  At times on this ride Richard, Sharon and I were riding three across taking the whole lane talking up a storm.
Richard and Sharon Thompson
 I am a sucker for watching out for tractors on my bicycle rides thought the country.  I saw this tractor getting seed loaded into it.  I had never watch this process before.  I stopped to return to take a picture, but the tractor had already finished and was out in the field.  As I was taking a picture of the tractor I saw Richard and Sharon so I switched to video and caught them rounding the corner.
Tractor spreading seeds

The end of this ride was problematic for me.  I have been experimenting with tablet based electrolytes in my water.  I normally put two scoops of Hammer Heed when I start a ride and after 3 hours I switch to  or Hammer Perpetuem.  The last ride that I did and this ride I used Nuun Energy tablets and Hammer Fizz adding one tablet per bottle.

At about mile 80 my legs started cramping right when the hills were before me. Fortunately I knew that if I kept pedaling slowly that I would make it to the finish and not seize up completely. The air temperature on the asphalt was moving between 100 and 103 degrees.  I was sweating so much in the humidity that my arms just below my jersey sleeves were covered in white salt.

Understanding how to keep my biology working helps me achieve my goals.  I was not tired, but I did understand that my muscles were not receiving the nutrients.  As the last meager hill approached 2 miles form the finish I looked down at my compact crank and wished it was a triple.  My pride did no to let me drop down into my small front chain ring, but I did slow my speed and did not apply any pressure on my pedals to make it to the top.

So what have I learned about the tablets?  Well for one thing if I do use tablets again I will add two tablets per bottle.  My wife +Sylvia Wormley told me that the magnesium chloride that is used in these products can not be absorbed into my body. I take magnesium malate every evening and I am considering taking it with me on my next ride.  I like using the tablets because they are easy to use instead of carrying plastic bags of powder. I will use them on my next ride, but I will double the amount of tablets that I add to my water bottles.