Thursday, July 30, 2015

National Bike Challenge

Well looks like I have been locked out of the National Bike Challenge web site.  I hope that the website developers are fixing the bug that I uncovered when I switched from using the Endomondo App to log my miles to using Strava.  When I switched the website allowed Strava to add duplicate log entries for all months in the challenge.

I reported the error on the forums, so hopefully they are fixing it.  For now I am toast.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Burley Sound Trailer Part 02

I finished version 1.0 of the Burley Sound Trailer Part.  Refer to Burley Sound Trailer Part 01 for details on how I started.

Below are pictures that show my build today.
Original tires are flat worn out.  I will replace soon.

My power supply.
The battery box.

EMT clamps to attach wood to trailer frame.

Inverter that I already had.

EMT Clamp holding plywood bast to frame.  Cut up inner tubes take up the slack.

Speakers mounted on1 x 4.

Detail of speaker mounting.
etail of speaker mounting.

Sub woofer mounted.  Battery tie down in place.

DIY batter cables for attachment to inverter.

Inner tube attached to positive cable to prevent accidental short.
Batter installed in box

Inverter mounted.  Speaker controller mounted,

Bike side, front view

Rear view

First version of lights.

My battery charger.  I already had this from when I used it on my travel trailer.

Here is how it sounds.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Morning ride

Stopped to wipe glasses. Lots of hoot owls near here.  Spring creek church road and 55

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Burley Sound Trailer Part 01

I got my parts from Burley via Amazon to convert the hitch so that it can connect to bikes with disc brakes.  I wanted to do this years ago so that I could haul the trailer with my MTB, but just kept putting it off.  I now have no excuse for hauling groceries or my clothes to work instead of driving my truck.

Pictures of the build thus far are below.
The parts out of the bag

Burley Tow Bar  installed on Road Bike.  I may order another one of these for MTB.

Old hitch that fits in frame of bikes without disc brakes.

Skewer tow bar installed on burley

The Burley with rain fly.  It is a little moldy.
I will leave canvas on to protect version 1.0 sound system
since it is not for outdoor use.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thursday Morning 50 Mile Commute

Well I said that I would not get fanatical and start getting up at 4 AM to ride my bike.  The enjoyment that I get riding my bike in the cool dark mornings has too much of a draw on me to resist, so I am once again riding my bike to Leary in the morning.

Today is the second time this week I have chosen to ride my bike out to the town of Leary and complete a 52 mile loop to work.  The early morning repetition of cycling always calms me and watching the sun rise is a daily treat.

Morning sun colored clouds peaking through 100 foot trees
Leary Road on the Kiokee Creek Bridge.
Road sign is reflecting from my head light

My route and picture location.
This short video will give you an idea about what the road looks like right before sunrise.

My Ride Statistics

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Cycle Thunder Storm Surfing

Today on my way home I had so much fun surfing the wind.  First let me explain.  For those of you who surf or sail you will get what I am about to describe.  I use to surf and sail and this is what I have experienced doing both activities.

Most of the excitement that I have had surfing, sailing and now cycling has been at the edge of bad weather.  You know what I mean, not really nasty fowl weather, just slightly bad weather.  Today I had the experience that I use to have when I would paddle out on my belly board into surf that I knew had the possibility of hurting me, but I paddled out anyway.  I remember looking at sets of waves coming in and the butterflies in my stomach seemed to want to come out of my ears.  Catching a wave and just getting on it before it broke on me and threw me into a salt water washing machine was always a thrill.

Weather radar at 6:45 PM
If you look at the video that I took on this evening's commute home you will see a similar phoneme with the weather.  I like to ride when it is getting ready to be stormy.  The temperature dropped 20 degrees from the time I left work until I arrived home from 92 degrees to 70 degrees.

The storm has to be just right for me to set up a tail wind so that I am on a road that is going to get me home.  Sometimes I work it out and sometimes I do not.  I like to try to figure out how to work the headwinds and the tail winds and still stay out of the really bad lightning and horizontal arm stinging rain.  Today was a day when I decided to forgo my usual route down Leary Road as I saw the thunder cell stacking up right over it.  As I turned on one of my short detours to home on Old Pretoria Road where I took the video I had the sense that the storm with the winds was like a big wave that I was getting ready to ride to my house.  This is why I call myself Cycle Thunder, because no matter how tired I am if there is a thunder storm chasing me I find the energy to haul myself home and try to out run the storm. I was easily cruising above 20 MPH as the humidity gave way to the ever cooling drop in the temperature as the rain just started to fall around me.

My Ride Statistics

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cycle Mee Spin Class

Today on my ride home was the second time I played my Spotify playlist "Cycle Mee".  I created this playlist especially for inspirational riding at a fast pace.  My tendency is to ride this flat land in a high gear at a slow cadence and just power my way to a decent speed.  When I ride with faster cyclist I have to spin to keep up and I generally get tired after about 25 miles.  So I decided to do something that I use to hate, ride to music like in a spin class.

The last time I tried a spin class was in Portland in a  gym in the Perl District.  I would go in on the invitation of a fellow cyclist.  I would change the pedals on the Schwinn stationary cycles and listen to the leader lead the class through simulated courses to music.  I got bored with this routine quickly and stopped going.  I enjoyed riding real hills.

So now I live where it is really flat and the only challenge is to ride into a headwind or to ride really fast.  Tonight I had a chance to do both.  Having music to keep my cadence is more enjoyable for me than watching my speed because I can keep my head up and enjoy the view as I ride.  I also have a game that I play and I try to get home before 7 PM.  When I leave work around 5:20 I have to really focus to get up to a good pace to make it home in 90 minutes.  I rarely ride that fast, but tonight I got home in 83 minutes.
Here is my play list,

Cycle Mee

Friday, July 3, 2015

Day off morning ride

I decided to get up at my normal time on this Independence Day holiday and ride a new loop.  I planned a route that would go through three towns north of Albany.  I rode through Sasser, Bronwood and Leesburg.

I started the day with my long distance pre-ride cocktail of two scoops of Spiz in filtered water and 1 tablespoon of MCT oil.
My morning cocktail for long distance riding.
I finished the ride by stopping at Pearly's for breakfast before riding the final 6 miles home.
Just north of Sasser on GA HWY 32 is an old radio station and tower.
Bronwood, GA home of Cole Swindell
Classic old southern home
Bronwood, GA City Hall
Betty Wise Road south of Bronwood.
I am paying homage to  and his gravel road pictures.
This is my paved county road picture.
Some good old 1989 architecture, Leesburg City Hall
I have seen crop dusters before, but I never had a chance to record one with my phone.
I bet this pilot will not shut off his one good engine until he is on the ground.
I could see the pilot's eyes as he flew past me.  I wonder if that is organic cotton?

Pretty ride fuel

Before long morning rides I mix my breakfast cocktail.  Two scoops of Spiz and one tablespoon of MCT oil.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

National Bike Challenge 2015 June Stats

Here are the standings thus far in the National Bike Challenge.
Lonnie Wormley is ranked 103rd out of  87,545 riders

Lonnie Wormley is 4th in the state out of 1,671 riders
Pecan City Pedalers Team is second in Georgia out of 62 teams
Albany State University is ranked number 1 in Georgia out of 9 universities.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Play List for Slow Poke Ride for July

I am following these playlist on Spotify so they will be handy for the next Slow Poke Ride.  The theme for the ride is Happy Days Attire.