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Florida Short Route Terrell County Road 120

Today I took another ride on the newly paved Florida Short Route Terrell County Road 120.  After riding so many commuter miles in the dark of early morning it is refreshing to ride slowly in the daylight.  This evening's ride gave me a temperature range in the low 80's and the sun was low in the sky so the northerly route was shaded by tall pine trees.

Tallahassee Road

This is what I like about living in southwest Georgia. Every once in awhile you get on a smooth road on a beautiful evening and it is just wonderful.


Beautiful downtown Sasser. 77 degrees overcast a nice breeze what a wonderful ride. Tallahassee Road is now on my best Rhodes to ride list. Tallahassee Road has nice pavement from the little small bridge all the way up to the main highway.

Road to Sasser

I am so glad that the road to faster is finally repaved. This is such a nice country road and it used to be so bumpy starting from this bridge going up to faster. Now it is smooth as butter.,

Pedal swap

Last night my right Speedplay Zero stripped off. This is the second time this has happened to me. The failed pedal has about 12,000 miles on it. I was upset due to the failure happening when I had set a milage goal for the month. I called my wife to come and get me.When I got home I remembered that I had to pair of Speedplay Frogs. These were my first clip-less pedals. I had them on my MTB for commuting in Portland and later I bought another set for my road bike. Well I swapped the pedals and road to work in my MTB shoes. I have been wanting to test them on this bike for cyclecross or gravel road rides. After  50 mile to work I am glad I did not toss them out. These Nike Nubas are about 25 years old.

Pedal failure

What's wrong with this picture

Evening ride home

Corn field was planted just a few weeks ago it's starting to grow
I got a surprise at the intersection of Eight Mile road Road and Flowing Well Road.  A train was stopped near the intersection.

Fog Line In The Dark

I woke up this morning at 3:10 AM. My alarm was set for one hour earlier than normal, 3:45 AM.  I sometimes get excited when I plan to ride a longer than usual bike commute to work.  My normal commute is 25 miles, but today I rode about 53 miles.  I rode from my house to Leary, GA in Calhoun county and then hit Pearly's Restaurant for breakfast before heading 3 miles to the ASU campus.

One of the intoxicating things about riding at night is the focus that I have on the objects that are lit up by my headlight.  I love to see the black pavement with a white fog line on the right or me and a swash or green grass or brush next to the asphalt. As I ride in the dark I see the sweat reflecting on my arms that are silhouettes against my head light.  I am so happy to be able to use my power and a mechanical device, my bicycle, to transport me through the darkness along quite country roads.  Occasionally a car or a large semi tractor trailer truck will pass me from behind or in front.  Each…

My ride home