Monday, November 30, 2015

Nothin but wool

I had my wall Cabal sweater on the top today. I had some arm warmers underneath. It got down to 47 degrees. It was really nice.

Monday, November 23, 2015

First Winter Ride

When the temperature drops below 30 degrees in the South its cold.  I wore my brand new wool Cabal sweater and a light shell and it was really toasty.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Saturday Slow Social Ride

Today was a chilly day to be on a bike.  Our ride started from my house at 8:45 AM with temperature of 47 degrees.  the wind was blowing from the north. Eight cyclist started our journey to Pearly's for breakfast then a ride through the county.

I dressed for warmth today as the temperature at 9 AM was as cold as it had this week I was surprised for it to be chilly so late in the morning.  Anyway I was wearing a tank tip sleeveless jersey over my PCP spanned jacket.  I even wore my leg warmers.  I know that I get colder than in the morning when I ride my bike to work.

The slow pace of the ride allowed for great conversation to take place.  Seeing the country views at a slower pace and talking to members of the group as we ride is what I really enjoy about a slow social bicycle ride.  I ride a lot in the dark this time of year and getting the opportunity to ride in the day time with friends is a real treat.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Memorial Broad Street Bridge

Yesterday the Broad Street Bridge opened. I was the first bicyclist to cross it. I participated in the community feedback group that gave the architects input on the design. There were those that wanted two lanes of traffic both ways and there was the group that wanted one lane each direction, wide sidewalks and bike lanes. I am glad I participated and spoke out loud to advocate for bike lanes.

I rode across the new bridge last night and this morning on my commute. The bridge is beautiful. When you get your chance to participate in a community feedback group, take the time to put in your ideas, it is worth it.