Time To Use The Wind Trainer

My commute home last night on February 15, 2016 was really windy.  A storm front was moving in from the south which means that it was time to do some training.  The wind gusts were so strong at times that my bike almost came to a stop as I pedaled forward.  Did I really want to ride 25 miles in this wind, or should I take the short route home?



Wind Speed
12 mph (SE)

Max Wind Speed
25 mph

Max Gust Speed
33 mph

8 miles


Since my commute goes in all directions at some point in the route I can enjoy the benefits and the penalties of strong wind no matter which direction it is blowing.  My ideal day is for the wind to blow from the north west in the morning and from the south east in the evening.  Usually it is just the opposite as a weather font passes over the area I will have a head wind both ways to work and to home.

This morning on February 16, 2016 I had a tail wind down Leary Road because the wind was blowing directly from the west. I will most likely face this headwind on my way home.



Wind Speed
7 mph ()

Max Wind Speed
14 mph

Max Gust Speed
23 mph

9.6 miles

Rain , Thunderstorm
Yesterday I was over dressed for the balmy 45 degree ride, but today I was bare legged and just had my arm warmers and my light wind breaker.  I ride a little bit faster when it is not 23 degrees and I am not wearing three layers of cycling gear.

I am going to start tracking my year to date progress (last 365 days), just because I am a numbers guy.  I slacked off of riding my bike the last quarter of 2015.  My goal is to keep my year to date distance above 10,000 miles. Yes, I like riding my bike that much!
Count:471 Activities
Distance:9,878.80 mi
Time:655:22:25 h:m:s
Elevation Gain:96,056 ft
Avg Speed:15.1 mph
Calories:519,712 C

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