Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Cycle World Group Ride 20160329

I went on the Cycle World Group Ride yesterday evening.  It was a great ride and the weather was perfect.  i have been playing around with my GoPro and here are some unedited time lapse videos of the ride.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tire Wars

This morning I was forced to divert from my normal path to avoid hitting a cyclist who was riding on the wrong side of the street.  It was dark and he did not have a light and if it were not for the lone reflector on his bike.  I noticed that he was not going to pass me on the outside to my left as he was riding in the gutter.  I merged to my left and ran my back tire into a huge hole that I avoid every day.  This event would set in motion my bike repair this evening.
My failed 32 tire.

I went on the group ride tonight and I noticed a wobble and bump in my rear tire.  At the 10 mile turn around I looked at my rear tire and to my horror it had two spots near the rim that looked like the casing was going to pop out.  I figured it would last until I got home, and it did.

I decided to put the Gator Skins back on that I took off months ago because the brand new rear tire had a small chunk flap in it.  I took it of because I did not want to ride on a tire with a potential failure point.  Tonight I decided to try to fix it as suggested by some of the Bike Commuter.  I got my tube of Gorilla Gel and glued the flap to the tire.
The damage almost new Gator Skin
The repaired tire

This is what fanatics do when they must ride their bike to work.  I have been leaving my truck at work so that I can attend consolidation meetings at a sister campus five miles away.  I do not have any way to get to work tomorrow except my bike.  I have written may times about the bicycle games that I invent and play.  Leaving my truck at work instead of just driving it on the days when I have the meetings is just my way of saying nothing will stop me from riding my bike to work except me.  If I truly do not want t ride to work I will drive my truck, unless it is parked at work.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Jenny Lane Close Call

I was within eyesight of my mailbox and I saw this woman backing out of her driveway.  I knew she was not looking where she was going.  I pulled over to the far right side of the street and slowed down.  I started yelling for her to look where she was going to no avail.  She never looked my way.

Monday, March 21, 2016

First Spring Bike Commute

Was it supposed to get colder on the first commute of spring?  I thought that my last commute with wool sweater and leg warmers was done, but nooooo, today it was quite a bit colder than last week.
I tried to capture my ride in the dark with 1 image every 5 seconds.  It is a bit choppy.  Still playing around with the GoPro.  I think the battery went dead which is why it stopped before I got to work.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Tsali Right Loop

I had a fun ride with the group that was attending the summit. There is always a little bit of Fear Factor when I am on a trail for the first time. This Trail was not lacking any of the technical riding that I like but it also had a lot of the danger points. I know for most mountain bike riders this was an easy Trail but for me it was just right.

The Course


I am attending a mountain bike summit in Bryson City North Carolina.  I have never participated in a conference based on cycling.  I am learning a lot about the relationship between the National Forest Service and volunteer train maintenance groups.

Google did this nice Pano

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wednesday Morning Commute

Today was the first time I used my GoPro Hero4 Black on my bike.  I have a temporary mount set up on my head tube. I am still waiting for the beefier Ram Mount to arrive in the mail.  I wanted to show how well my Busch & Müller Luxos U IQ2 lighting system performed on dark country roads.  I also wanted to see how the Hero4 worked with default settings in the dark.  Pictures for your enjoyment are below.

GoPro Hero4 Black mounted to head tube.

GoPro Hero4 Black mounted to head tube.

GoPro Hero4 Black mounted to head tube.
Here is my first GoPro Hero4 video.  Believe it or not but I have done a lot of graphics with computers, but video editing is brand new to me.  I know I will get better at this.

My ride data.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I Got Hit By A Car AGAIN!

So I was forty minutes into my commute home enjoying a mild headwind and warm sunny weather.  I had stopped at the intersection of Old Pretoria Road and Lily Pond Road to let cars pass by before turning left.  Then a woman driving a Kia slowly came into my lane.  I yelled at her really loud to get her attention.  She did not hear me because I could see she was on her phone.  She hit me and I rolled onto her hood and then hit the pavement.  When I was on the hood of her car that is when she stopped.  

I stood up and turned my attention to my bike.  My fear was that my front wheel and carbon fork were damaged.  I spun the tire and it seemed OK.  After my tire check I turned my attention to the woman who by now was standing outside of her car apologizing for not seeing me.  For a moment she started to say that I ran into her, but I was clearly at least a foot behind the thick white line on the pavement.  Another women in a black SUV that stopped behind her backed me up and said she saw the whole incindent and that I did not run into moving traffic.

I am OK and the bike appears to be OK.  I called my wife and then I called the Dougherty County Police.  I am totally pissed off that I got hit AGAIN by a driver that was not paying attention.  My wife wants me to start riding with the group rides, which means that I will have to give up my bike commuting and early morning rides that I love.

A simple diagram of the accident.

Here is a link to the local news story on WALB 10 published on March 16th, 2016
Here is a link to the local news story on WALB 10 published on March 24th, 2016

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Flint River Roll Number 1

It was a wonderful start for the Flint River Roll.  I will add more pictures to this posting when I have the time.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Spinning In The March Wind

I make up and play lots of games to keep my life interesting.  Below is an explanation of my cycling game that I play when I am bike commuting.

This morning I found myself spinning into the wind.  Every direction I traveled on my morning commute seemed to have a head wind or a cross wind.  the wind was not too strong, just enough to be annoying.  I had my CycleMee playlist on to keep my pace up and just decided to get in the drops and move along.

My CycleMee Play list

I have a measuring point on my route that I use to gauge how fast I am going.  I usually like to ride fast a few times a week. The point that I always the end to my splits at the intersection of Lily Pond Road and Newton HWY. In the morning I my goal is to get there in one hour.  This means that I have to maintain an average speed of 18 MPH as this is 17.7 miles from my start.  Realistically I have never made this goal and most of the time I get to this point between one hour and 5 minutes and one hour and 12 minutes.  When I am really getting hit by headwinds from the east I have been as late as 90 minutes. This morning I was doing pretty good as I made it in one hour and three minutes, averaging 16.8 MPH.

At this speed I am just on the boarder line of riding too fast to really enjoy being on my bike.  I train like this so that I can stay strong for the long rides that I really enjoy. From my experience my ability to ride long distances has always had a foundation in regular riding when I bike commute to and from work.  Some folks prefer the weekend warrior type of training, but I like to ride during the week a lot and do an occasional one hour sprint to keep my body in shape for the long 50 to 200 mile rides that I enjoy.

Morning Commute for 3/2/2016

Year to Date Results

To date I am still 279 miles below my goal of 10,000 miles year to date.

Count:470 Activities
Distance:9,756.87 mi
Time:647:32:23 h:m:s
Elevation Gain:94,514 ft
Avg Speed:15.1 mph
Calories:512,878 C

My monthly mileage really dropped off starting in the fall of 2015. It is interesting to me how the holidays and cold weather affect my ability to get on my bike during the week and ride to work.  During December there was a long break of about two weeks when I did not ride due to a trip to Texas for the holidays.  As spring approaches my days in the saddle will increase and I will get happy and ride in the daylight more often.  I like riding in the dark a lot, but eventually I get tired of riding in the dark all of the time, so when daylight savings time starts I know that the days will be getting longer and my cycling will be more enjoyable when I can see the landscape further than my headlight allows me during the winter darkness.

12 Month Mileage Report

So by playing games with numbers and training incentives I keep myself motivated to get up and ride my bike to and from work.  Even though I take the same route during the winter, there is still enough variations in the weather to keep me motivated to get out and ride my bike each day.  During the cold winter I do not want to be on a route that my wife does not know if I have a tire failure.  I have an understanding with her that if I have a flat and it is too cold for my fingers to work that I am going to call her and wake her up so that she can come and get me.

During the warmer months I will start doing my longer routes to work and take alternate routes to work than my 25 mile route. I have been known to ride a 50 mile one way commute to or from work.  In 2014 I did 100 miles commuting in one day by riding my Leary Route to and from work.  I did not do this last year because part of the game is that I try to get home by 7 PM.  My wife does not like to eat late and I really appreciate coming in from a sometimes cold ride to be greeted with a nice home cooked meal.

I am amazed to think that every twelve hours I am on my bike at some point between work and my house.  In the morning I am riding between 5 AM and 7 AM, and in the evening I am riding between 5 PM and 7 PM.  When I do ride on the weekend for a charity ride I am really excited to be on my bike in the middle of the day with other cyclist.  Most of my bike commuting is done solo in the dark, so riding in daylight is a big deal for me.

So this is the games that I play on my bike.  I write this stuff mainly for myself as it is a way to document my goals and it keeps me honest to the game. If you have made it this far then I hope that you will share some of the games that you play in your head as you ride your bike.  I have found that the more cyclist share their experiences that those who do not ride their bikes or those that do not cycle at all will benefit and get inspired to ride knowing that us cyclist that ride a lot always have struggles getting on the bike each day.  For me the hardest part of cycling is making my way to my bike.  Once I am on my bike and making the turn from my driveway to the street I am so happy to be on my bike.