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Cycle World Group Ride for April 19,2016

It took me a while to get this video posted.  I like having my camera mounted on the rear of my bike.

Birthday Ride 2016

I really like riding south to Florida.  I also like riding point to point and having my wife +Sylvia Wormley meet me with the car so I can drive home.

One thing that I like about my bike is that it is comfortable on long rides.  This ride I did not take a lot of extra gear.  I basically had my tire repair kit and water bottles.  I did not take a jacket and rode almost half the distance in my arm warmers.  Even thought it was raining and the temperature was in the low fifties I was pretty comfortable being wet and on my bike.  Towards the end of the ride the temperature creeped into the high sixties so I took my arm warmers off and stowed them in my jersey pockets.
My Samsung Galaxy Note 5 did great on battery life.  I had 50% at the end of the ride.  I have the FollowMee application on my phone and on +Sylvia Wormley phone so we can see where we are on a map.  Running GPS on my phone did not drain the battery.  My Garmin when to 20% about 4 miles from the finish so I plugged it into …

Sitting in a fishing port dive bar

3 PM and Happy birthday to Lonnie starts Now. I got here sooner than we expected. The last time I got here early I sat on a bus bench and got eaten up by mosquitoes. This time I decided to go to a wonderful dive bar and happy some beer and Papas.I rode my bike and to The Landing where the historic Fort is. I'll have to check that out it looks really beautiful. Right now I'm tired. I'm sitting here listening to the Grateful Dead I've got my shoes off and I'm going to sit a spell.

I'm at the start of the st. Marks historic railroad Trail in Tallahassee

I'm at Mile 110 on my hundred and 30 mile bike ride. It's still cloudy it hasn't rained for a few hours and it's 70 degrees. All in all it's been a really nice ride.My wife Sylvia is going to meet me at the end of this Trail in the city of st. Mark. We're going to go to one of my favorite hamburger joints. They have grass fed lame duck burgers.

I'm in Quincy Florida

84 miles behind me. I rode the first 50 miles and rain. Bike commuting really bill toughness.

128 miles from Albany, GA via Quincy, FL to St Mark, FL


Bike Commute Mud Creek Road

I am having better luck making videos with my GoPro camera.  Here is a video of my bike commute along a part of Mud Creek Road.  Mud Creek Road is one of my favorite county road bike commute routes.

Well I got a title on the video this time. I really want to share the beauty of bike commuting near my home. Although I loved the challenges of riding in traffic, at this point in my life I hate traffic lights on a bike and in a motor vehicle. This 33 mile ride has three traffic lights on it. Two withing three miles of the start and one two miles from the finish. Sometimes I get lucky and make them all without stopping.