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I have been using gosoap for a few months now and I really like it. Gosoap gets all of that biological smell out of my cycling gear a lot better than just regular soap.

Boys an Girls Club Bicycle Ride

Today I got to ride with the Boys and Girls club of Albany Georgia. We rode around downtown through Albany State and came back on Riverfront Trail. It was a fun ride.
Here is the route.

Maiden Voyage on Trek Pure Cruiser

I rode my new Trek Pure around my neighborhood last night.  I just got home after a dinner with friends and the wife and I got on our bikes in street clothes and rode around.  It was fun to not have to spend twenty minutes getting my gear on to do a short ride. I am surprised that Trek has phased this bike out. I could only find reference to the Pure Lowstep on their bike archive website.  I did find a review of it here on the Bootic website.

This bike is begging for me to ride it in the rain.  I plan on using this bike for those short commutes to work this winter when I want to keep my Seven Cycles clean and dry. Finally I have a bike with fenders.  I will get the bike trailer hooked up on this bike for the next Flint River Roll on July 1, 2016.

His and Hers Cruiser Bicycles

My wife Sylvia found the perfect bikes for slow social rides yesterday at Cycle World. The previous owner of the bike had to stop riding due to health issues per her doctor's orders. We purchased both bikes for $600. I have not had a bike with a kickstand since I was 7 years old back in 1960. I have not had a bike with fenders since the mid-1990s. I now have a nice bike commuter bicycle for those short rides to work.

Breakfast Ride June 2016

This is a short video of the breakfast bread that we did on June 18th 2016. The ride started off with a light sprinkle so my camera which is mounted on the rear of my bike got raindrops on it. I did get some images of the participants in the ride.

Three Feet To Pass It Is The Law

Well after much whining and gnashing of teeth I finally have a Three Foot sign up at Abbott's Country Store.

The Carport Gang

The Carport Gang started in the summer of 2015. We had started doing a slow roll ride starting at the home of Richard and Sharon Thompson.  We would wind through the neighborhoods of west Albany and end up at a local  Mexican restaurant, Los Vaqueros.  On one occasion our ride was delayed by thunder showers.  Richard bought out some potato vodka and juice and made us all drinks while we waited in his garage for the lightning top pass.  This was the birth of the Carport Gang

This summer during our visit to the beach near Apalachicola Bay on St. George Island, Florida.  We arrived at the rental beach house early and well we started celebrating the evening with some spirits.

Carport Gang

+Donna Shockey Yielding and the #carportgang  gave +Sylvia Wormley an I  wonderful gift.  I hung it by our front door today.