Town And Country Evening Ride

Last night for my evening ride I decided to do my old bike commute to the Albany State Radium Springs campus. I rode this route for several years when I worked there. Now I work on the Albany State Gillonville campus, The Albany State Radium Springs campus commute route that I love is 25 miles. The Albany State Radium Springs campus direct commute is about 8 miles. The Albany State Gillonville campus direct commute is 4.68 miles.
Albany Georgia Downtown Skyline from Broad Street Bridge at Sunset

Albany Georgia Downtown Skyline from Broad Street Bridge at Sunset

I love this 25 mile commute because it takes me out on country roads and then brings me into the inner city and downtown.  Last night I rode this route and then after leaving the campus I then rode north and looped into the country roads in Lee county  My love for riding my bike on warm summer nights is a passion that I found once I had a lighting system on my bike that allows me to see and be seen on dark country roads.

This is the longest ride that I have done this year.  If I had to grade my titanium hip based on my cycling performance I would say that it is 80% back to normal.  The only thing that I notice after riding my bike is that my right Gastrocnemius Medial head  muscle will cramp hours after my bike ride.

My average speed slowed down a bit when I was looping through downtown hitting Pokemon Go Stops.  It was nice seeing the community out enjoying the evening around the river front park.

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