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Sunday Morning Mud Creek Newton Loop

Lonnie Wormley at Baconton, GA

I decided to take a break from my home improvement and repair projects to take a morning ride. During this time of the year in SW Georgia, it gets hot and humid int he afternoon.  I do not do well cycling in the high humidity, but I have learned to hydrate and keep electrolytes and…

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Getting back to long distance cycling

Dixie HWY at old Georgia Power Plant

Reflection On my past two group rides with old and new friends, I have been asked questions about how many centuries (100 miles) rides I have done. I have also been in discussions about how I navigate on long rides by myself and if I ever get lost. These questions got me to thinking about…

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I Still Love My Seven Cycles 622 SLX

Almost every time I do a charity ride I see a bicycle tech at a rest stop staring at my bike admiring it. Sometimes I forget how nice it looks even when it has not been cleaned in over two years. While on the Tour De Forts adventure I got into a conversation with the…

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My 2019 Tour De Forts Adventure

St. Johns River CR 135

This was my first time riding the Tour de Forts charity ride in St. Augustine Florida.  This was my second time visiting the city since moving to Georgia in 2010.  I really love the area because it has nice beaches and intercoastal waterways and wetlands.  There is lots more for me to explore in this…

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Saturday Morning Ride

Today it was overcast cool and the pavement was damp.  I was a solo rider for the PCP Saturday Morning Ride.  I enjoyed the relaxing ride and stopped to take some pictures since I was not riding with a group. I am getting into a nice groove again by riding more than once a week.…

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Pretoria Fields Wednesday Evening Ride

#garmin Today I started off the Wednesday evening ride with the Pecan City Pedalers group at the Christ United Methodist Church on Old Plantation Road.  Since I have not been riding so much in the past few years I have been riding at my own pace when I show up for the weekly rides.  Yesterday…

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Armena Road Tuesday Evening Ride

#garmin I loved this Tuesday Evening ride because I was able to ride with a group of cyclists that pushed me to ride just a little bit out of my comfort zone, but not enough out of my comfort zone for me to get dropped.  This pace does not have a number for me, it…

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Tuesday Evening Training Ride

Endorphin addiction is finally kicking in. As I embark on getting myself bike up to speed as a cyclist I have been waiting for the forced motivation to get on my bike to be replaced by the rush to get on my bike immediately after work. today was one of those days when I was…

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St. Mark’s trail ride

Today I rode with a great group of cyclist from Albany, GA, and Tallahassee, FL.  We started out at the J. Lewis Hall Sr. Woodville Park located on the St. Mark’s Rail Trail.  We rode from there to the lighthouse.  It was a great 50 mile ride.

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Albany – Sasser Rail Trail, Unpaved

Relive ‘Rail Trail Slappy to Oakland’ This Blog post is going to be quick and dirty. I am posting all of my images and videos quickly so that I can reference them as I develop a map of the area.   Today I had to get my truck radio a revisit to the installer. Since…

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