Bring on the Cold

Today it was really cold. This morning when I started to ride to work it was 4 degrees C. In the afternoon it was 13 degrees C. Yesterday evening when I rode home it was 18 degrees C. This wacky range of temperature makes it difficult to figure out what to wear when bike commuting to work

So this morning I decided to wear two of my tube bandanas, one on my ears as usualy and one on the bottom of my face. Having the secon layer on my face helped keep the wind chill from completely numbing my cheeks. With an air temperature of 4.4 degrees Celsius and a bike speed of 28 KM per hour the wind chill adjusted temperature was -.55 degrees Celsius
No this is not really cold for all of the folks that live north of the 45th parallel. I use to live in Oregon and I use to ride in rainy cold weather like this. It was refreshing to be able to have some cold weather down here in Albany, GA. I typically ride in summer biking clothes and layer my core with my Burley rain jacket and long sleeve hunting or athletic shirts that breath. Keeping warm and not letting the sweat build up too much so that you get chilled by the cold air is vital to a successfully bike trip. The thing that I like about bike commuting besides just riding the bike is figuring out what combination of clothes to wear for the days weather. I always check the Weather Channel before I leave the house and view the weather map in motion to see any rain on the radar.

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