What fuels the Cycle Thunder?

This is my Green Star Twin Gear Juicer.

The green juice in my insulated water bottle.
This juice was collard greens, carrots and apples.
Whey Powder from Whole Foods with no junk.
Bewer’s yeast, but not the kind with the nice flakes

This year I purchased a Green Star juice extractor.  there are a lot of juicers on the market in every price bracket, quality and efficiency.  I searched the Internet and read lots of reviews and watched a lot of videos on juicers for about a year before selecting this juicer.  I use to work the juice bar in a organic health food store in Hermosa Beach California in the mid 1970s.  I even bough a used champion juicer just like the one I used at work for home use.  the Champion was huge, but it really juiced veggies, leafy greens and wheat grass.  I loved it.

So when I was looking for my second juicer I knew that I wanted a juicer that could juice green leafy veggies as well as fibrous veggies and fruits.  I also knew that I did not want a juicer that introduced lots of air into the juice as this process makes the juice lose it’s nutrients quickly after juicing.

So I am rambling on about the juicer, but you get the point.  I juice in the morning and put it in my bike bottles.  I also take a banana and some Greek yogurt and brewers yeast to work.  When I get to work I pour all of the ingredients into my blender (lost of air) and blend it into a smoothie.  I drink this within 2 hours of arriving at work.  My second bottle of juice goes in the refrigerator near my office.  I drink the second bottle of juice about two hours before I start my bike ride home.  at this point in my work day i need a little kick to get my energy up.

My mixing table at work with my back pack and blender.

I am fortunate to have a place to park my bike and an old residence hall room to keep my clothes in at work.  All I have to do is to brink clean clothes to work once a week in my car so I can just bring food on my bike every day.

I am still exploring what kinds of juice combinations I like and what ingredients will nourish my body so that I can maintain the ability to work and ride everyday and enjoy doing it.  My goal is to have fun at work and on my bike.

Green juice from my juicer with yogurt, whey and
brewers yeast in the tub ready for the blender

The big challenge is getting fresh organic produce to juice.  Eventually my wife and I will get our garden going so there will not be an issue for getting the leafy greens that we want.  for now I just get anything that i can find that looks decent.

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  1. greg on January 25, 2013 at 1:38 pm

    A cyclist after my own heart…green juice and a whataburger! 🙂

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