The trainer

I decided to weigh my gear after my ride tonight. As luck would have it a co-worker gave me some pecans from his trees so I had some additional weight.

  1. Pecans 14 pounds
  2. Clothes 6 pounds
  3. Back pack 6 pounds
  4. Bike 35 pounds
  5. Burly 26 pounds

Tonight I rode home with 46 pounds of extra weight than I normally do. I also realize that my bike is pretty heavy with the rack and rear bag.

Riding my bike and pulling the Burley loaded with stuff is like riding uphill. This is the trainer that I use to help me strengthen my legs. This is also a way for cyclist to ride with their friends who are not as strong on a bike as they are. By offering to haul the picnic lunch or other stuff a Burley can offer an experienced rider the workout they need at a slower speed with friends.
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