Training ride

I am using Runtastic to track my riding routes and training.  My ride today is a personal best for my commute to work.  My finishing pace was above 29 KMPH which for me is amazing.  At one point on MLK I sustained a speed of 33 KMPH in my 3-8 gear.  This ride comes the day after I haul my training Burley to work on my short route of 20 KM one way.  The weight training that I do with the Burly always pays off with a faster ride the next day.
My long bike commute which is about 40 KM one way is what I call my spring commute.  When I ride this I try to ride as fast as I can especially on Eight mile Road which has some hills (for down here).   My short commute home is where I just ride relaxed.  Usually when I sprint to work on a Monday or Tuesday by the time Friday rolls around I just have a normal ride to work because I am basically tired of riding as fast as I can so I just ride.
It is this training routine that gets me to the point of riding long distances like my recent ride to Thomasville of 225 KM.  My next long distance ride will be to Brunswick, Ga. which is 292 KM.  I will not do a round trip to Brunswick, I’ll ride there and spend the night in a hotel and drove back. My wife Sylvia will drive the car down and we will have the next day to just hang out at the beach.
One thing that I like about Runtastic is the cheering.  At first I never turned it on, but now I always turn it on.  Sometimes when I am riding like this morning I am on a dark road lost in my thoughts and then I hear a cheer and it gets me excited and I ride faster.  Today I got 4 cheers.  I return the karma to the works by cheering for folks around the world who are doing some sort of activity and are allowing folks like me to cheer them on.  Go world!

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