First evening ride on a February Friday

Tonight’s ride was cold. I rode 80% of the ride into head winds from the south west. I was not fooled into thinking it was warm by the sun still being out when I started my ride home. I got 10 KM from my house and I got chilled so I stopped and put on another shirt.

I was rewarded on this ride during the golden light of sunset by see a giant crane gently flying up from a wooded pond to seek out a tree to roost in for the night. This crane was hugs and as I rode down the road it was flying in the same direction that I was riding. Watching it’s giant wings whooshing the air as it slowly gathered speed to rise up to the trees was beautiful. This is what I love about cycling. You can not see this in a car. You can not experience this movement when you walk or run because you make lots of noise in the woods. On my bike I silently crept on the crane and it did not know that I was on my bike just a few hundred feet from it watching it fly. I was almost riding at the same speed as the crane so I could observe the crane in flight in a way that I have not done when I have been on foot. It was a nice end to my work day.

It started getting chilly so I did something I normally do not do, I stopped to put on an extra shirt. I remembered that I had some opened Luna Moons that Stephanie Huie turned me on to when she was teaching me to run. I noticed on the label that Luna Moons was for women. I remembered how I ran on trails with a lot of women in Austin and how they helped me learn how to run like a girl. I say this with respect because these women runners could really run. They taught me to not think about running, but talk while you run and you will forget that you are running. As a guy this was alien technology at first, but then I got into it. Stephanie told me the first rule of trail talk was that what is said on the trail stays on the trail. I popped the last two Luna Moons in my mouth and got back on my bike and headed into the cold head winds with a warm memory to keep me warm on my way home.

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