Today’s ride

I started riding in a slight sprinkle at 9 C.  I saw a yellow eyed zombie raccoon and dead deer on Eight Mile road.  Saw another dead zombie raccoon on Oakridge Road after the Flint river bridge.

Yesterday was my Burley training ride and I slugged along hauling 2 weeks of clean shirts, underwear, socks and towels to work and hauled dirty clothes back home.  I did not set any speed records, but I made every effort to do full circle cycling on all of my strokes.

This morning I started out and in the darkness did not care what gear I was in but knew that the current gear from last night’s ride was too easy so I shifted down and hammered on into the darkness.  I was riding on Eight Mile Road and I noticed that my legs felt a bit sluggish, but I paid it no mind and just kept on riding.  My brain was thinking that this was supposed to be the fast ride after the Burley training so I needed to be flying faster than this, but Cycle Thunder legs said this was all that was available so shut up and just enjoy it.

When I got on into town on Lily Pond road and I was still barley riding at 29 KM I decided to see what gear I was in.  There are street lights on this section of Lily Pond so I could glance down at my Bike computer and it was then that I noticed that I was in my 8th gear.  So that is why I was feeling the strain, but that is when I appreciated the fact that I did not know what gear I was in.  This is the first time that I have hammered all the way to work in my 8th gear and it did not feel like I was straining. Normally I was riding in 7th gear and I started riding in 6th gear back in September 2012.  The Cycle Thunder took the pace in stride and I still managed to get some sustained distances in at 30 KM per hour.

I will have to adjust my front derailleur so that I can ride my 9th gear without it rubbing the chain.  I do not want to change ou the rear chain ring as I know that when I start riding hills I’ll need this gear ratio, but down here on the flat lands I feel like I am turning into a single gear track cyclist.

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