Morning Wild Life

Sometimes I amaze folks when they ask me how far I ride to work.  I usually only tell them my short route distance which is about 8 miles because they will think I am crazy when I tell them which way I like to ride.  I only ride this route when I have to get home fast like when there is a thunder storm.  I normally ride routes like the one i rode today which was 54 KM.  I figure if I have to ride east to get to work then my favorite bike commutes will have to start by riding west, away from work.

Today I rode in later than usual as I worked late last night working on a project.  today I saw wild bore on Old Dawson road.  This was the first time that I have seen wild boar from my bike.  there was one male and what looked like one female and some smaller pigs.  One was a calico color.  I startled them and they ran in circles in the rural yard near a home before running off into the woods.  I am glad they did not decide to cross the road.

Later on during my ride down Mud Creek Road I came across a herd of deer.  There were 5 and they were mature doe that were getting ready to cross the road in front of me.  I normally hear the deer in the dark morning rides, but today I could see them and they were beautiful.  I was cruising along at 30 KMPH and they ran beside me on my left.  Then they all accelerated and I got the feeling like there was going to be a cyclist deer moment in the road.  The deer of course sized me up and decided I was no threat so they just put the pedal to the metal and took off and crossed in front of me  and I watched them jump the barbed wire fence on my right as they disappeared into the pecan trees.  Seeing deer run and jump a fence and then watch their white tails dance as they ran off into the pecan grove was really cool.  I really need a helmet camera to capture these wild life moments from my bike.

Mud Creek road is the route that I am breaking in for spring.  This is a longer route than my Eight Mile Road route by 10 KM.  Eventually I’ll do a route that takes me through the town of Leary.  I will do this on those long summer days.  Bike commuting is fun.

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