My Ortliebs weigh more than most carbon fiber bikes

One of my favorite commercials is the Buick ad with Shaq.  He says his shoes are bigger than most hybrid automobiles.  This got me thinking of all of these expensive carbon fiber bikes that folks ride so they can get there faster.  Today I dug out my Ortlieb bags, yeah these bags cost me more than most bikes in Walmart 10 years ago.

I needed to take my laptop back to work as I bought it home in my truck on Friday. I decided to ride it to work on my bike.  I have not hauled gear in the Ortliebs in a long time, but it was time for a change in my training so I went for it.  When my ego thinks I am riding too fast I need to weigh my bike down so that I can come back to reality.

I still made a pretty decent time to work even with a slight headwind.  Nothing rides smoother than a carbon steel bike with 20 pounds holding the rear tire on the ground.

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