30 KMPH tail wind 20 KMPH headwind

The wind trainer was turned on in full force this evening as I rode home.  I had the most wonderful tail wind on Leary road so I cranked happily along throwing caution to the wind (pun intended) knowing that I would have to pay for these fast and easy cranks when I turned the corner at eight mile Road and turned into the wind.

Such is the life of the daily bike commuter, my favorite route goes in all four directions of the compass so I will always have headwinds and tailwinds. When I lived in Portland Oregon I learned to love hills, because you could not ride anywhere without trans versing a hill.  I soon began to love hills as you could toil up one side knowing that you would be blasting down the other side with ease.  Down here in the flat lands there is no such reward.  Yeah it is a perception that it is easy riding when it is flat, well i am here to tell you that hill riding is easier than flat land riding.  Down on the flats if you do not pedal you do not go.  You have to pedal all of the time as there are no hills to coast down.

With no hills to coast down there are also no hills to block the wind.  so when you have a windy day and you are on a straight road, guess what, the wind has a full force with no obstacles to bear down on a cyclist.  Oh well these are the thoughts that ramble in my head as I ride to and from my house to work each day.

My bike commuting is not a race so by Wednesday I am riding slower than Monday   Wednesday rides are relaxing and I am tired enough to enjoy the scenery.  Tonight it was raining and I really wanted to ride in it.  I think it is funny how many of my friends who know I bike commute want to give me a ride when it is raining. I am glad that they are looking out for me, but my commute is the desert of my day after eating all of my veggies at work.

Tonight I decided to stop and take a picture of a farm house that has standing water all around it.  It has a nice reflection on it.  I love taking pictures of bodies of water with reflections in them.  I may resort to carrying my Canon 10D SLR in my bag to get some better shots of my cycling world.

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