Cycling Challenges

I am uploading my cycling trip GPS data to a web the Endomondo sports tracking web site.  there were several cycling challenges that I joined to keep me motivated.  Screen shots are below showing my current status.

 My first challenge has 6883 members.  The person who rides the most miles in April will get 20% off on a phone case.  I am ranked number nine in this challenge with 270.87 miles.  the leader has 533.64 miles.

Next challenges has 352 members.  the goal is the same as the first challenge except the goal is just to be healthy from riding.  In this challenge I am ranked second with 270.87 miles.  the leader has 533.64 miles,

The next challenge has 3,010 members.  the goal is to see how many miles you can ride in one year.  I am ranked 110 with 1,763 miles.

The last challenge is to ride 10,000 miles in one year.  there are 153 members in this challenge.  I am ranked 30 in this challenge with 1,763 miles.

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