61st birthday ride

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On April 16, 2013 I am planning on riding double my age in miles. I was born in 1952, so I am turning 61 which means I am planning on riding 122 miles. The game of riding double your age was a game that I played with some cycling buddies when I lived in Portland, Oregon. I have never done a ride on my exact birthday, usually I ride the weekend after or before. This will be the first time since my 50th birthday that I am riding double my age. The game had a disclaimer that said that after 50 you could ride your age. I have been riding more regularly than ever so I am confident that I can do this ride. In January I rode round trip to Thomasville logging in 140 miles just to get a What A Burger.

This ride is going be my first one way ride long distance (for me over 100 miles) ride.  My wife Sylvia is going meet me when I finish and give me a ride home. I am riding my bike from my home in Albany, GA to a small town south of Tallahassee, FL called St. Mark’s.  I will get from Tallahassee to St. Mark’s via the rails to trails St. Mark’s Historic Railroad State Trail.

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