61st birthday ride

I made a few wrong turns. I rode  about 2 miles down a sandy muddy red dirt road. I did not make it to St. Mark, but
I did have fun. Sylvia is close with a car to take me home.

The end of pavement on Spring Hill Road at the Florida Georgia State Line
The Historic Florida State Capitol Building
Yours Truly at the The Historic Florida State Capitol Building

Oh yeah I discovered another dang segment on Spring Hill. This is where I met the first dirt road. I wondered if riders from Thomasville rode out here for kicks because it was a nice dead end. Well I did not think it was nice because I wanted to cross over into Florida and get to Tallahassee. Oh well I’m in ninth place, but it will be a long while before I ride 100 miles to get on that segment again.

Yours truly at the Florida Georgia state line AGAIN on US 319

My bike in Sale, Georgia

My 1996 Cycle Oregon bandanna and my flash charger.
The flash charger is for my phone when it runs out of energy.
The bandanna is for me to keep me charged up

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