Flat tire on my morning commute

I had a wonderful ride today. I was glad that I did not go through with my plans to strip down my bike and carry less equipment. I needed it all today as I had a flat tire (only on the bottom). I had the familiar sluggish back tire almost as I was approaching a convenience store. I stopped and pumped the tire up and quickly rode to the store to change my inner tube.

As a matter of course when you take your tire off and yank out the tube you need to inspect the inside and the outside of the tire.  When I found a small metal sliver about the diameter of a dog’s hair and 1/8 inch in length I was glad that i had my Leatherman wave in my bag.  I got the sliver out with no problems.  I installed the new tube and pumped the tire up with my compact high PSI pump.  no CO2 cartridges this time, I wanted 110 PSI.  The new tube came from the bike shop in Thomasville.  I bought two during my 132 mile ride to the Florida State Capitol.  I wanted to start carrying 4 tubes on long trips.
After the flat tire I rode to work.

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