Prision to Peanut Ride

I had a great time riding through the country with fellow cyclist.  The event is the second of this new annual event.  About 150 cyclist showed up to do the ride.  Initially I was going to do a moderate pace and relax and enjoy the view, but cycle thunder had other ideas.  As soon as we left the city of Andersonville I found myself riding faster and faster trying to catch up a rider in a Pecan Peddler’s jersey.  Once I got there I found myself in a pace line with him and Lynn Pflepsen (I will add his name when I see him again or he identifies himself after reading this).

We rode most of the ride trading off the lead position pulling the group along at a faster pace than I originally wanted to ride.  This is the great thing about riding in a group, at least for me, the group inspired me to ride faster and push harder.  I even got back into practice in riding right off of the rear tire of the rider in front of me until I felt the dead air which let me know I was at the correct distance to draft.  This sort of riding is not for everyone including me.  Sometimes I want to stop and take pictures and saver the moment.  Other times like today I just want to see how fast I could ride some hills.

This is the first time in about 2 years of riding here in SW Georgia that I have encountered some real hills.  Of course they appeared on the 30 mile return to Andersonville from Plains.  As usual I was doing my ride really hard during the first half of the ride so I could simulate a longer ride by being really tired on my way back to where I started.  This sounds nice in a training manual, but when you are out on the road riding up a hill in a headwind being chased by 5 pit bull dogs it is not fun.

Anyway I finished the ride a little bit tired, but not worn out.  I had a good day.

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