Slowly but surely

Riding into work this morning was a deliberate effort to focus on my riding posture and not speed.  I played a game on upper Lilly Pond by riding as close to the fog line as possible.  I am also training to use my left hand to drink so that it gets a break from bearing the weight of my upper torso on the handle bars.  Consistent breathing and heart rate over a long distance 100+ mile are more important to me than the fast pace on a 30-40 mile ride.

My goal for the month is 1,000 miles to equal last month’s 1,000+ miles.  My focus is to do 250 miles each week as a minimum by riding 50 miles round trip on my bike commute.  This new pace ups the ante for my goal for the year of 10,000 KM or 6,214 miles to 12,875 KM or 8,000 miles. Ideally I would love to ride 10,000 miles this year.  I’ll see how close I get.  Maybe 2014 will be the 10,000 miles year.

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