Where does the time go?

Yesterday I rode 55 miles (3 hours 20 minutes hours) to work and 50 miles (3 hours) home.  6 and a half hours on my bike.  the night before the ride I slept 5 hours.  I worked 8 hours that day.  I love it when I can ride more than I sleep.  My cable TV has been cut and it looks like I am so tired when I get home I have no time for Internet either. This is one of the best summers that I can remember.  So far I have ridden 5,300 miles for the year.

I took my Serotta bike to the bike shop.  I am wearing the old steel bike out.  My handle bar stem is corroded and will get replaced.  I have so many dings that are rusting that I may decide to strip the bike and repaint it.  

I am leaving for Austin, Texas for a wedding tomorrow.  I will be renting a carbon fiber bike of some sort and riding it around my old stomping ground for a few days.

I have not been keeping track of bicycle technology for a few years for good intentions.  I now find myself getting serious about getting a new bike.  What I have discovered so far in my research is that there are carbon fiber bikes are designed for long distance and speed.  I do not consider myself a racer, but I do like long endurance riding.  If you see me in the parking lot of a Lowes with a sign that says “Will work for bicycle parts” have mercy and throw a few coins my way.

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