Shine on you crazy bike commuter

The next time you see a bike commuter take the time to ask them when was the last time they had a cold or if they get flu shots.  I bet that most bike commuters can not remember when they were sick last.  As a bike commuter I ride my bike all year, rain or shine.  When I ride all year I hardly ever get sick.

I believe that my immune system stays strong because I am outside riding my bike at a minimum of three hours each day.  During that time I am breathing hard and sucking in all sorts of pollen and man made pollutants.  As a result of exposure to these air borne particles and the ever changing weather my body adapts to the seasonal changes and thus stays in sync with nature and I remain healthy and vibrant all year. If you are a cyclist and your agree or disagree with this fact post your comments so non cyclist reading this will be convinced to start riding everyday to stay healthy.

 This morning I started my bike commute of 51 miles at 5 AM and it was 72 degrees and 97 percent humidity. I sweat so much that my shoes are as wet as if it had been raining by the time I get to work. I like riding in the early morning because I like riding in the dark with my light beam lighting only the road directly in front of me.  I can focus on riding and this is relaxing for me without any distractions.  Today I had a headwind as I rode towards Leary but I was glad to be riding after getting my bike back from the bike shop.  In the morning there is less chance of a thunder storm so I like to ride my long commute first thing.

 Tonight when I rode home I knew that the storm cell was going to be over Albany about 8 PM.  I rode my intermediate route and got into my garage just as the tornado warning sirens were going off.

I did take the time to stop and smell the cotton growing.  i took some pictures and recorded a short video before riding home to beat the storm.

8 Mile Road and cotton field

8 Mile Road and cotton field

8 Mile Road and cotton field

Lonnie Wormley blabbing about

8 Mile Road and cotton field

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  1. Unknown on July 25, 2013 at 2:28 pm

    I grew up in rural North Carolina. Big cotton fields are a very familiar sight for me!

  2. José Lantigua on July 25, 2013 at 5:34 pm

    Very good post about healthy.
    I would like to know, hoy do you bike on a rainy day.

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