Ride in the Rain

Today it was 72 degrees at 6 AM as I prepared to ride to work.  I knew that the Weather channel was forecasting thunder showers in the area about 9 AM so I knew that I should expect some rain.  I started out without taking a jacket but I had my arm warmers in my pocket.

This was my maiden voyage on my new Cobb seat.  I have been riding a used Specialized seat since 1999 so it was time for a replacement.  I purchased the seat from Higher Ground bike shop right after my 100 mile ride last weekend.  I had been searching for a seat for a few months and I finally decided to go with a seat that I could purchase with a 30 return policy.  I am sure that this seat will work out, but I always want to have options.

I took my short route to work which is about 12 miles. When I was 4 miles from my house it started raining really hard.  There was only a slight wind, but it was warm and as I got wetter and wetter it finally felt refreshing to get completely soaked while riding my bike.  I really like riding down very low traffic streets and roads where I can enjoy the variety of outdoor sensations sights and smells on my bike commute.  today was a bonus as it was wet and wonderful.
On my way home I took my normal 25 mile route and it got completely dark at 6 PM after riding for 30

minutes.  There I was riding on a new Cobb seat watching the mist and fog form on the road and in the fields as I rode home.  I always like it when the temperature and dew point get whack after a rain when it is still warm and humid and the temperature starts to drop really fast.  When I ride in the mist sometimes I spook my self when I see the reflection of my two rear flashers light up the fog when I slightly turn my head to see what is behind me.

All in all it was a great ride today.

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