Showerless bike commuting

900 wipes from Sam’s Club for about $17

Some of my hard core bike commuting friends in the Bike Commuter Cabal have converted me to shower-less bike commuting.  I have always had a rule that I could not bike commute unless I had a place to take a shower.  I was recently told by the facilities management team where I work that they no longer wanted to maintain the shower in the building where I store and change clothes.  This building is an old residence hall and is slated for demolition. For the past three days I have taken some advice and instead of showering after my ride to work I am using baby wipes to get the perspiration off of my skin.

Small pouches that can be re-sealed

So far things are working out OK.  I have made some changes in my bike route to work so I am not adding to the perspiration issue.  I am not taking my long 25 to 50 mile morning commutes, but I have chosen to take my 12 mile rout to work in the mornings.  It is also late fall so the temperatures are colder so this is giving me a chance to get use to this new routine when the weather is not sweltering.

I am glad that I can still bike commute using this new system.  One of the main reasons that I choose to bike commute is to keep one less car on the road.  By default my bike commute keeps me fit and mentally sane when I arrive at work and home, but I really want to keep as many motor vehicles off the road when possible.

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal

I also want to recommend a deodorant product that my skin doctor turned me on to.  Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal is all natural and does not contain any aluminum chlorohydrates. My wife suggested that I visit a dermatologist after my skin started to break out from using another deodorant product.  Sometimes I have to give up on my cave man mentality and accept to the fact that organic stuff sometimes works.  Don’t get me wrong, I am an advocate of organic foods and products, but sometimes when I use them in harsh environments like on my bike or when it comes to dealing with sweat and dirt after a ride I have to really be convinced that the products will work.  This product works. By the way the bottle labeled hand soap is not hand soap, it is a recycled bottle that actually contains Dr. Bonner’s soap.  I have used Dr. Bonner’s soap for a long time and it really works.

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