Endless possibilities for a bike commuter

This morning I went through a typical conversation with me and myself.  The idea of being able to create your possible future is both daunting and exciting at times.  Most of the time I am able to expand my world to what is possible.

When I went to bed on Thursday, I was thinking “one more day of riding my bike to work, yuck”.  The alarm that I set for 5 AM went off Friday morning and I got up and turned it off.  My first thoughts were to go back to bed and call in to work and take a sick day.  My next thought was to make a cup of coffee and sit in front of my computer and read Google+ stuff and watch Tech news on YouTube.  It was at that point that I knew that the only thing to do was to immediately put my bicycle clothes on and get on my bike and ride to work.

My friends and co-workers are amazed when they find out that I ride my bike to work several days a week.  Their minds are blown when I say that I ride 12, 25 or sometimes 50 miles one way on my way to work.  What they do not know is the hardest part of riding my bike to work is getting out of the house and on my bike.  Once I am on my bike it is easy to ride to work.  Once I get off work it is easy to ride home because I want to go home so I have to ride my bike.

So this morning I started riding at 5:15 AM about one hour earlier than usual.  I decided that I would take a different route to work that I have not taken for a long time.  I rode down Gillionville Road into town and towards my favorite home cooking eatery, Pearly’s.  I wanted to have breakfast on my way to work.  I rode slow and was happy that it was not cold, rainy or hilly. Life was good and it was Friday

It was a different story on my way home.  Since I got to work an hour early I decided to leave work at 4 PM and ride in daylight for a change.  I had not taken a ride on my favorite route, Mud Creek Road in a while so I set my sights on do a longer ride than usual. As I started riding away from the campus I was glad to find that the wind was not blowing like it had for the past two days.  I like riding in headwinds, but not every day.  This Friday evening it was a TGIF ride home in the making.

I owe a lot of my stamina on my bike to the fact that I ride around on my big 52 tooth chain ring.  When I get a day with dead air and I  am in a good mood I can ride with wild abandon. I like pushing myself once in a while and Friday night I let the horses out of the barn.  I wanted to see how fast I could ride for 30 miles.  I set a goal of riding at least 18 MPH  When I looked at my stats my pace was 18.8 MPH.  I split the ride home into two segments, one was 30 miles and then I did about 2 miles to cool down.

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