Morgan/Dickey/Doverel/Herod/Sasser 80 miles

Today I rode 80 miles with 50 miles of headwinds. My rule of thumb is that if there are winds blowing when I choose a route I always choose riding into the headwinds on the first part of the route.  Today’s route was chosen my the Pecan City Pedlaers (PCP)  ride coordinator and we rode with the tail wind first.

Usually on a PCP club ride I try to keep with the group as long as I can.  During this ride I stayed with the group all the way to Morgan and a few miles past the small town.  At about mile 32 as we turned into the wind is where I decided that if I was going to ride another 50 miles that I would have to slow down and back off of the 19-21 MPH pace and do my own thing.

I am pleased with my progress as a rider this past year.  I have been using the club rides as a means of increasing my cycling abilities so that I can ride faster and longer.  I was glad that today I could stay with the group for 30 miles and I did not feel stressed out or tired while riding.  Today the group was not riding as fast as they usually do during the warmer months and this was OK with me as I could keep up with the speedsters.

Riding into the wind on a day that was not warm on roads that were less than smooth did challenge me.  Still I enjoyed the fact that there was almost no traffic on these back county roads and this is what I really like about cycling in SW Georgia.  I saw men harvesting cotton and cattle that already had their cute thick winter hides.  Even though the leaves are almost all gone from all trees except the pine trees there were still large lily pads in some of the ponds That were in the ponds near the road.

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