1,000 miles in 2014

I have been riding every day this year.  Today I just past my 1,000 mile marker.  This year I am working on being a consistent cyclist and not a ride, then stop then ride again.  I will not be focused on speed improvements but I will focus on sustained strength.  to that end I am using a Garmin feature for setting short term goals that will help me focus on my long term goal of 10,000 miles this year.

When I set a monthly goal I can see my progress.  When I set my weekly goal I can see progress.  200 miles a week will get me to my annual goal.  Last year I had a goal of 250 miles a week and I only rode during the week.  The ride 250 miles in 5 working days did not work.  I will see if this year’s method will work better.

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