TGIF Ride from Albany, GA to somewhere south of Tallahassee, FL

Today I am going to do another ride south to the coast.  I will stop at Whataburger in Thomasville, GA before heading to Tallahassee, FL. I will add pictures along the way.

My planned course.

Here is my ride report. Winds were the training feature for the day. The closer I got to the Gulf of Mexico the stronger they got. Weather Channel had winds at 14 MPH, gusting to 17 MPH.  I was surprised to find that the largest hills on the ride were in south Tallahassee.

 I was not in a hurry as I wanted to ride for the distance and not for the time. I took a few pictures.

Flint River at the GA 37 over crossing east of Newton, GA


Pine Crest Country Club
2415 Old Georgia 3, Pelham, GA 31779
Me and my bike. I am happy during the first part of the ride

One of the many Lakes along the highway in North Thomas County.

This needs to be center
The real reason I ride for 146 miles, Whataburger (with bacon this time)

Metcalf, GA

Metcalf, GA

Metcalf, GA

The Georgia, Florida state line
Red clover is starting to bloom all along the Georgia and Florida highways

I will have to check thsi trail out on another visit.

Trail head for the last 16 miles to the coast

So happy to not be cranking

Organic dinner

All in all it was a good ride.  I always enjoy doing a long bike tour by my self. I like this route and I will do it again. I spotted a small cheap hotel near St. Mark’s so one time soon I will ride down one day and ride back the next.

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